Ice Village

Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU



Ice Chapel

A chapel made of one single unbroken piece of ice, which represents ""an unbreakable love between two pure souls which shall last forever.""From the altar and crucifix, to the wedding aisle and benches, everything is made of ice and snow — a truly authentic ice world.
After the ceremony, the fireworks of blessings will be decorating a colorful Ice Village. Let us send all our blessings to the newlyweds!

Ice Hotel

Settings in the Ice Hotel like ice bed and ice sofa let you make the most out of this ice world experience.
This year, Ice Infinity — an outdoor bath surrounded by snow and birch forest, is also making its first debut.

Ice Street

The Main Street of the ice twon. A street aisle lined with 9 ice expert shops.
You may enjoy various kinds of romantic experience exclusively in this ice world.

Ice Plaza

This is the entrance of Ice Village, and also the hottest spot on the Ice Street.
There is an ice rink, an ice slide, and an overlook that lets you view the whole town.



  • Ice Chapel

  • Ice Hotel

  • Bar Icewood

  • Ice Sweets Cafe

  • Snow Marshmallow Bonfire

  • Ice Grocery

  • Ice Flower Gallery

  • Ice Maze

  • Ice Dress

  • Snow & Ice Studio

  • Ice Slide

  • Ice Rink