The first ski in/ski out street area in Japan

The first ski in/ski out street area in Japan

At Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU,
we have prepared all kinds of experience so that whether the guests
do skiing/snowboarding or not, would all be able to
feel the charm of winter through embracing and enjoying the nature
as it is, and living in its abundance.
These are made possible based on our motto of
"Dedicated to develop the culture of winter mountains enjoyment."

From the idea of "Not only to enjoy the winter mountains by skiing/snowboarding,
but also to be indulged in the ski field with meals and shopping at the same time,"
we have created the first ski in/out street in Japan - hotalu street - in December 2017.

You can access it by walking through the corridor from the hotel,
or glide into the area and glide back out from the shops' front in the winter.
Everyone is welcome to enjoy a great time here whether they ski/snowboard or not.
In the summer, you are welcome to enjoy sweets and drinks around the bonfire on the wood deck.

Have a pleasant moment surrounded by Hokkaido's wild nature.

Origin of the name "hotalu street"

At Hoshino Resort TOMAMU, along with the various projects on the winter mountains,
the re-establishment and preservation of nature are also being carried out proactively.
In order for the visitors to enjoy the original scenery of TOMAMU
where fireflies used to live in, we are hoping to recreate the past environment,
and so we named it "hotalu (fireflies) street."
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