Potato Halloween

In Fall 2019, the "Potato Halloween" will be held at "The Tower" and "RISONARE Tomamu" to celebrate the potato harvest. It's the third year of Potato Halloween. We will also hold the "Farm gala party" for the first time to celebrate the autumn harvest. Please enjoy the fun night with your family.

About Potato Halloween

Halloween usually reminds people of pumpkins, but in Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU, potatoes are the leading role. This event is the combination of the Hokkaido potatoes harvested in autumn and the harvest festival which is also said to be the origin of Halloween. This Halloween event celebrates autumn harvest using the potatoes from Hokkaido, which is proud to be the no.1 domestic potato-producing area. The theme of The Tower is Danshaku Potato with the buzzy skin, and the one of RISONARE Tomamu is the bright purple Shadow Queen.

  • Farm Gala Party

    Time: 5:00pm - 7:00pm Fireworks is scheduled to launch at 18:30 (6:30 pm)
    Venue:Farm area
    fee: free
    Target population: The Tower and RISONARE Tomamu hotel guests and day-trip visitors are all welcome.
    Remarks: * It may be canceled due to bad weather or the animals' health condition.
    * The supplies of sweets and drinks are limited.

  • Potato Halloween Room

    Venue:The Tower
    Period: Check-in during October 12, 2019 - October 31, 2019
    fee: From 13,800 yen per night (per person when four people stay in one room. Tax excluded. Breakfast included)
    From 16,100 yen per night (per person when four people stay in one room. Tax excluded. Breakfast included)
    Capacity: Limited to 1 group per day * up to 4 people per group
    Reservation starting date: July 16, 2019



Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Tomamu

Located on the hill with several ski resorts, the hotel is surrounded by a coniferous forest and offers a jet bath with a view and sauna with all suite rooms of 100 m² or larger. Have an extraordinary relaxing time.

from Jun 1 to Oct 31, 2019
from Dec 1,2019 to Mar 31, 2020

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Tomamu The Tower

Hoshino Resorts Tomamu The Tower

The Tomamu landmark "The Tower" is located in the center of the resort. The location is perfect and close to the farm area, etc. Please enjoy an active resort stay.

from Apr 27 to Oct 31, 2019
from Dec 1,2019 to Apr 4, 2020

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OMO7 Asahikawa

Hoshino Resorts OMO7 Asahikawa

Asahikawa is located in central Hokkaido, making it perfect for sightseeing on Japan's northernmost island. It's also quite popular as a homebase for those sightseeing in Biei or Furano.
Enjoy a wonderfully relaxed town without the panic of heavy crowds even at the main station, and take your time savoring a never-ending stream of wonderful attractions such as the Asahiyama Zoo or local ramen.

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