The concept of the menu is “Calendario Gastronomico”, which means “gourmet calendar” in Italian. Hokkaido is surrounded by three seas with different characteristics, Daisetsu Mountains and the Hidaka Mountains with different topography etc. Thus, the climates differ greatly between the regions, as well as the products and their harvest times. The seasons of food are so diverse which is worth to be written into a calendar. Our restaurant will offer the seasonal menu with the carefully selected best ingredients in season.

Open Period
1 July 2020 to 31 Oct 2020
*Please note depending on the day's situation, the contents may change

13,000 yen (tax and service fee are not included)
* Only one kind of course is provided in this restaurant.

[Dinner]All seats by reservation
*Advance card payment is required when making a reservation.

[Cancellation Policy]
Cancellation the day before will be charged at 50%
Cancellation from on the day will be charged at 100%.

*Both hotel guests and day trips visitors are welcome
* Children of 7 years old or above order the same course as adults.
* Children of 2 to 6 years old or under may use our free Kids Service at RISONARE South 30F. (Reservation required, meals included)
* If you use our Kids Service, please be sure to read the terms before using the service.
* Dress code: smart casual dress
(Please do not enter the restaurant in clothing such as T-shirts, short pants, sportswear, casual sandals, caps, etc.)
* The contents may change depending on the availability.