Goat Postman

New "Goat Postman" coming to the Farm Area in the majestic nature.

On April 27, 2019, the new program "Goat Postman" is coming to the Farm Area. This post office helps to mail the exclusive postcard of yours. This is also where you can meet the goats dressed as post officers in the middle of the majestic nature.
Here we use a kind of leaf that allows you to carve words on it as our exclusive postcard. Thus, there is a chance that your postcard may be eaten by the goats.
But if you managed to put it inside the mailbox without it being eaten, it will certainly arrive at the designated address.
This is a program for the guests to experience the excitement in trying to get their letters delivered safely instead of eaten.

Enjoy your stay surrounded by the majestic nature while gazing at the sceneryFarm

Before it was developed into a resort, Tomamu was an agricultural area with about 700 cattle. As we would also like our visitors to enjoy the original beauty of this land, our resort is operating a Farm Area of about 100 hectares. To date, we have proposed various attractions within the majestic nature of Hokkaido, such as the "Hay Bed" made with hay, the "Nap with Sheep on Hammock" where guests may count real sheep while taking a daytime nap, etc. This time we have the "Goat Postman", as we would like you to enjoy an even better time in the Farm Area.

Experience the excitement in trying not to let the goats eat your letter

Goat Postman is a sightseeing spot located in the outdoor Farm Area surrounded by the natural scenery, where you can meet the goats dressed as post officers. A mailbox is setup under the Symbol Tree, and the pathway that leads to the mailbox has a suspension bridge and wooden log steps of varying heights. As goats like high places, before the guest could reach the mailbox, they may climb up and go near the guest. This is our setting for the guests to have fun while trying not to let the goats eat their letters

Send a leaf letter filled with love

The leaves we use as postcards at this post office are from plants like holly. When words are carved on the back of the leaf using the tip of a pen, they turn black and can be seen clearly, which is why holly leaves are said to be the origin of "hagaki ('postcard' in Japanese, literally means 'leaf writing')". As we would like the recipient to feel the nature along with the memories of the trip delivered in the letter, we have chosen to use leaves as postcards. If the guest could manage to send the letter without it being eaten by the goats, it shall reach anywhere desired nationwide in Japan (*). As no paper and ink are used, it is also safe for the goats to eat the letters while you watch them in their lovely outfit.

* For delivery, the leaf will be put inside a stamped clear plastic sleeve.

Goat Postman

From Apr 27 to Aug 31, 2019
500yen per leaf (incl. taxes, service fees, and postal)
Hotel guests and day trip visitors both can enjoy

* Leaves are with limited supply.
* The program is subject to change and cancellation according to the weather and physical conditions of the animals.


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