Tasting the seasonal melon with your choice of matching champagne

We have prepared 2 kinds of melons, green flesh and orange flesh, using mainly the melons from Furano, together with 10 kinds of champagne. Green flesh melon has a refreshing and milder sweetness, while the orange flesh melon has a more exuberant aromatic sweetness. One of the ways we recommend to enjoy the difference in tastes is to start with the green flesh melon accompanied by champagne, and finish with the orange flesh melon. Also, as a feature of the event, you may freely choose any of the champagnes to go with the melons, so you could find your favorite matches.

*It is tentative to provide melons like Furano melons according to the seasonal period.

Recommended matching examples

  • Green flesh melon x Laurent-Perrier

    The green flesh melon is full of minerals and with a refreshing taste. By matching it with Laurent-Perrier which has a silken fine bubbling feature with an aroma of citrus and white flowers, it exuberates a pleasant cooling taste.

  • Orange flesh melon x Taittinger Prestige Rosé

    Combining the exuberantly aromatic and sweet orange flesh melon with Taittinger Prestige Rosé which gives a vividly strong aroma that reminds one with freshly red fruits. This would fine-tune the smoothness with the firm taste in harmony.

Melon & Champagne Fest

Jun 1 - Sep 30 2019
2:00pm -10:00pm
Inside hotalu street cafe&bar "tukino"
Champagne by Glass starts from 1100yen, 1/8 Melon slice 300yen, Melon & Champagne Selection Combo starts from 1400yen (limited in supply), and others (all taxes and fees included)
Available to both hotel guests and day trip visitors.

*The supply of melon and champagne variety are subject to change according to the period and stock.

Hotalu Street

Located on the hillside are the 9 shops connected through a wooden deck, where you may enjoy all you can with food and shopping. Summer is the time to be surrounded by white birch and pine trees in the nature while enjoying the food, shopping and seasonal events to the fullest. This is the place to indulge yourself in the seasonal savor while being in touch with the air of nature within the woods in the cool summer nights of Hokkaido.