Touki-Beer Garden

An event to enjoy the corn & beer in the summer of HokkaidoTouki-Beer Garden

During July 1 - August 31, 2019, we will be holding again the summer exclusive event "Touki-Beer Garden". In Hokkaido, since the daylight time is long in summer and the temperature difference is drastic between day and night, it is said that the toukibi (*1) here is sweetly delicious. And it also ranks first (*2) in production volume nationwide. In this event, the seasonal summer corn is offered in 7 original flavors to match with the beers. Hokkaido's homey ingredients like salmon, butter and cheese are used for making the flavors to bring out the sweetness from the seasonal corn.

(*1) Corn is called "toukibi" in Hokkaido. (*2) "Statistical Survey of Crops" by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

A new menu item to enjoy 7 flavors on a single corncob

There are a total of 7 flavors for the corn. We have prepared the corn with flavors like savory soy sauce butter, and salmon. This year, a special item where 7 flavors are condensed onto a single corncob has been newly added to the menu. This invention originated from the comment of our guests that they "would like to try all 7 flavors", yet each flavor was only available on one single corncob last year, so we would like to make their dreams come true. One cob of corn is cut into bite-size pieces and added with 7 flavors separately, so you may enjoy matching them with different beer combinations.

  • Genovese
    The aromatic basil paste and nutty texture match well with the corn.
  • Stew
    The creamy stew makes a good combination with the sweet corn.
  • Soy Sauce Butter Corncob
    A classic flavor for tasting the sweetness of corn with the aroma of soy sauce and butter.
  • Salmon Corncob
    Salmon is put onto a layer of sour cream made with Hokkaido's favorite Yama Wasabi.
  • Curry Corncob
    A curry style flavoring with garlic powder, Cajun seasoning with a sharp spiciness, and coriander.
  • Cheese Butter Corncob
    A corncob coated with cheese and butter, added with a touch of spiciness from chili powder and sourness from lime.
  • Maple Cinnamon Corncob
    A corncob with maple syrup and cinnamon sugar, can also be enjoyed as a dessert.

70 ways to combine toukibi with beer

We have made the selection carefully by focusing on the symbolic beers of Hokkaido. 10 kinds of beer and 7 kinds of corn flavor give you 70 ways to enjoy the various combinations. A highly recommended combo is the salmon corn with "Tabi-Beer" which features a plump barley fragrance and is made 100% with Hokkaido barley. On the other hand, we also have the "Melon Ale" featuring a mellow aroma and made with Hokkaido's signature honeydew melon and brewed by Hokkaido Brewing Company. Be it the Soy Sauce Butter or the Stew, you may freely match your favorite flavor of corn with your choice of beer.

Otaru Beer
Beer to Start a Journey
Hokkaido Beer
Otaru Lager, Fruit Beer Melon, Fruit Beer Apple
Okhotsk Beer
Ale, Weizen
Abashiri Beer
Drift Ice Draft
North Island
India Pale Ale, Coriander Black
Taisetsu Ji Beer
Furano Barley

Touki-Beer Garden

July 1 - August 31 2019
Inside hotalu street cafe&bar "tukino"
Free Admission, Rainbow Corncob 1500yen (limited in supply),Corncob & Beer Set 1000yen, Corncob 500yen, Beer 700yen(incl. taxes & service fees)

*Service contents are subject to change according to stock condition.

No. of seats
Available to both hotel guests and day trip visitors.