Tomamu Doro Doro Rally

A rainy day exclusive activity to drive your own buggy and speed through the private mountainTomamu Doro Doro Rally

During July 1- August 31, 2019, the "Doro Doro Rally" will be held for the first time. It is an activity held exclusively on summer rainy days to take a speedy buggy and spin it around the private mountain until it gets all muddy. In order for our guests to be able to drive safely the buggy that can even run through deep puddles which normal cars cannot, an experienced mountain guide will be giving support all the way. Also, for having a full nature experience and get as muddy as your heart desires, we have prepared full-body wear and towels. It is time to become a child again and play freely.

An experienced mountain specialist guide supporting the guest's drive all along

The buggy can run through an undulating road full of ponds as deep as 30cm without dropping speed. The guest being able to off-road through various terrains on such a buggy is the biggest feature of this activity. In order for guests whom are to drive a buggy for the first time to be able to enjoy the experience at ease, an experienced mountain guide will be giving a lecture on how to drive, what are the recommended routes, where are the animals likely to appear, etc. The guide will be on a separate buggy leading in front and guiding the guest on the course through the radio, so you would not have to worry about getting lost.

Speeding through the private mountain till everything gets muddy

This is an activity to speed through the 10km private course in the mountain 891m above sea level till everything gets real muddy. To become a child again and play in the mud in nature to your heart's desire, we have limited this activity on rainy days only for the optimal muddiness. There you may gaze out to Tomamu's scenic view from around the peak, and if you are lucky, you may as well meet some of the wild animals like Yezo sika deer, ezo red fox, and mountain hare, etc. This is an experience that makes you feel adventurous and can rarely be enjoy in city life.

Well-equipped rental items to fulfill your muddy dreams

In order for you to enjoy the muddy experience to the fullest without having to worry about getting your clothes dirty, we have rental items like full-body wear, towels, and long boots, etc. After the contenting muddy play, you may also enjoy a bath in the Resort's outdoor bath "Kirin no Yu", followed by an after-bath beverage.

Tomamu Doro Doro Rally

July 1 - August 31 2019 *Only when it rains
1:00pm - 3:00pm
A mountain within Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU
1 group 20,000yen(incl. taxes & service fees)
Contents included in the fee: driving of the buggy car, support from the guide, one set of rental items (full-body wear, helmet, long boots, bath towel, face towel), bath at Kirin no Yu after the activity, after-bath beverage.
1 group per day *Min. 1 person and up to max. 4 persons per group
Both hotel guests and day trip visitors are welcome. *Above elementary school age. Driver's license holder. *If the participant wishes to drive.
Register 2 days prior to the designated activity date at GAO Outdoor Center local counter, or through the representative phone line (0167-58-1111).

*Subject to cancellation according to the weather condition and rainfall volume.
*If you do not wish to drive by yourself, it is also possible to have the guide drive for you.