The ultimate salmon accommodation package Salmon Trip

The ultimate salmon accommodation packageSalmon Trip

This is a 1 night 2 days accommodation package to enjoy the ultimate salmon-themed experience during the period of September 1 - October 31, 2019. In addition to the food, the theme of salmon can even be experienced in the guest room and activities. Starting from this year, the "Ultimate Salmon Chazuke" is added to the breakfast menu to enrich your stay and enjoyment even further.

4 attractions of the Salmon Trip

"Ultimate Salmon Chazuke" as the specialty breakfast to get indulged

We serve the "Ultimate Salmon Chazuke" with our specialty ingredients to bring out the tastes of autumn. Good quality salmons preparing to swim upstream have particularly high fat content in their body reserve, so they are used as the main ingredient. This kind of salmon is said to only appear only one out of several thousands of salmon in a catch. Also, the ingredients used for the broth are kombu that gives a rich broth, and the aromatic matsutake mushrooms. Such broth brings out the unique savor of the chazuke. Furthermore, salty salmon roe is added as a topping for you to enjoy the variation of taste.

Starts at 7:00am of the 2nd day

"Salmon Room" with a collection of goods with design patterns mimicking salmon fillet and shapes

In the Salmon Room, we have set up everything like the sofas, cushions, curtains, cups, etc, with design patterns of salmon fillet and shapes. This year, a new item, the salmon bath towels with the same design pattern as the cups, is also added.

Experience becoming a salmon in the bedroom

The bedroom is set up as a space to represent the salmon swimming in the stream. It is carpeted in blue color to represent the stream, the bed covers and the mini cushions on top are filled with the design patterns based on salmon fillet and shapes. Also, above the headboard of the bed, there is a bear panel set up to represent the bear hunting for salmon. Furthermore, nightcaps with the design of salmon's face, and orange-colored pajamas are prepared. To experience becoming a salmon is one of the features of this guest room.

Bath time in the salmon roe rice bowl

In the jet bath provided in the Salmon Room, you may enjoy a bath mimicking a salmon roe rice bowl (ikura don). When the provided bath bomb is dropped into the bath, the foam would look like rice. By adding the 5.5cm diameter balls mimicking salmon roe onto the foam, then you have a bath that looks just like a bowl of salmon roe rice. This is a unique bath time experience exclusive to the Salmon Room.

“Salmon Dinner" for savoring salmon to its fullest

This is a course meal made with the various parts of salmon. By using the salmon from its nose tip through the back and up to its belly, the salmon is fully served as grilled, simmered, deep-fried, frozen, and steamed. As this year's main dish, the "Salmon Fillet Shiogama-yaki" makes its debut. This dish is made by steaming salmon fillet, mushrooms, and vegetables in an enclosed salt crust (shiogama) to seal the taste within and make the meat tender to taste. Also, it is being arranged in front of the guests right after steaming and added with the wine sauce to finish.

Starts at 6:00pm of the 1st day
Time required
About 2 hours

Salmon Dinner Menu

Have fun experiencing the swim upstream with "Salmon SUP"

This is an activity to ride the waves on a SUP at the indoor wave pool "Mina Mina Beach" in the Resort. SUP refers to Stand Up Paddleboard. The board used in Salmon SUP has the design of a salmon and the design of fin for the paddles. It makes you feel like as if you are swimming upstream like a salmon.

Starts at 9:00am on the 2nd day
Time required
About 1 hours
Mina-Mina Beach

"Smoking Salmon" while in the nature of Tomamu (optional)

This is an activity to make smoked salmon while being surrounded by the nature of Tomamu. In order for you to be able to join the activity with ease, we have prepared all the necessary equipment and a guide supporting you. Also, within the nice air of autumn, we also offer whisky that takes the aroma of smoked salmon to the next level.

1:00pm -
Time required
About 2 hours
Hoshino Resort Tomamu area
8,000yen per person(incl. taxes & service fees)
*Fee after Oct 1st 8,200yen per person
Max. 6 persons

Example schedule for your stay

1st Day
Check in to the Salmon Room
Salmon Dinner
Bath time in the salmon roe rice bowl tub of the Salmon Room
2nd day
Ultimate Salmon Chazuke
Salmon SUP
check out
Smoking Salmon

Salmon Trip

From Sep 1 to Oct 31, 2019, until check in
1 nights 39,100yen-(Per person for 2 persons sharing 1 room,Tax not included,with dinner)
Covered by fee:Salmon Room 1 night,Ultimate Salmon Chazuke,Salmon Dinner,Salmon SUP
Limited to 1 group per day *Max. 2 persons per group
Hokkaido Federation of Fisheries Cooperative Associations Hokkaido Federation of Fisheries Cooperative Associations is a confederation funded and established in 1949 by all the Hokkaido fishery cooperative associations, and is responsible for their guidance and economic activities. As they support our Resort's idea of promoting the charm of salmon towards more people, they are kindly providing the salmon used in our Salmon Dinner.
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*According to stocking conditions, the food content offered may vary.