Potato Festival

An event for you to eat and compare 14 kinds of pota-sala-gelatoPotato Festival

Potato Festival is held from September 1st to October 31st, 2019. Hokkaido's potatoes are rich in varieties. Some are sweet, some have a soft texture, and some are bright purple. In this event, the "pota-sala-gelato", the potato salad which looks like gelato, is provided. Come to eat and compare 14 different kinds of pota-sala-gelato with the matched ingredients.

4 features of Potato Festival

Eating and comparing of 14 kinds of pota-sala-gelato

In Potato Festival, we offer 14 kinds of pota-sala-gelato that combines various types of potatoes and the matched ingredients, includes one combined with Tomamu milk (*) and tasted like sweets, and one accented with mountain wasabi. There are a wide variety of flavors.
* The milk taken from grazing dairy cows in the farm area of Hoshino Resorts Tomamu.

Recommended combination example
Shadow Queen x Bacon

Shadow Queen potato has a unique color and refreshing taste. The balanced taste is irresistible when enjoying with salty bacon.

Inca-no-mezame × Tomamu Milk

Inca-no-mezame potato has rich and sweet flavor similar to chestnut and sweet potato. It's featured by being tasted like sweets in combination with Tomamu milk.

Three "Jagup" set for eating and comparing

The potato cups,"Jagup", made of hollow potatoes, are provided to enjoy pota-sala-gelato. Have your favorite pota-sala-gelato in this one-bite size original Jagup. It is easy to eat, and adorable. The Jagup set has three of them and you can choose 3 different pota-sala-gelato. It is perfect for enjoy together too!

"Potato Master" teaches the knowledge of potatoes

In Potato Festival, you can meet the "Potato Master" who loves Hokkaido potatoes. If you talk to Potato Master, you may learn "potato knowledge" such as the differences of different potatoes. Potato Master loves potatoes so much and will be wearing an original colorful potato apron.

"Potato Cellar" for you to see and touch potatoes

"Potato Cellar" shows about 30 varieties of Hokkaido potatoes. You can see the potatoes there and enjoy observing the differences of them in colors, sizes and shapes, etc.

Potato Festival

From Sep 1 to Oct 31, 2019
Inside hotalu street cafe&bar "tukino"
Pota-sala-gelato each flavor 400 yen, three "Jagup" set for eating and comparing 500 yen(incl. taxes & service fees)
Available to both hotel guests and day trip visitors.

*According to stocking conditions, the food content offered may vary.

hotalu street

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