Moonlit Night Bread Festival

The autumn event of bread, wine and beer tastingMoonlit Night Bread Festival

You are invited to join the Moonlit Night Bread Festival held from September 1st to October 31st, 2019 to taste bread with wine and beer. The bread course full of the blessings of Hokkaido's autumn, 10 wines and 5 beers from Hokkaido are added to the menu for you to enjoy the mariage of bread and alcoholic drinks. The venue, cafe & bar "tukino" on hotalu street, is located on the hillside. It is a space where you can enjoy the autumn night with the nature there.

The 3 features of Moonlit Night Bread Festival

Course dishes feature bread from appetizer to dessert

We use bread in all dishes of the new course including appetizer, soup, palate cleanser, main dish, and dessert. The appetizer is baguette with colorful vegetables. The soup is a mushroom-like champignon with hot soup inside. The main dish is campagne with with lattice-shaped notch grilled with herbs and cheese in a skillet. The dessert is rich soft ice cream made of Tomamu milk (*) served on top of sweet brioche.

Two marriages tailored to the bread course

Bread, wine and beer are fermented foods and the combination is excellent. For the course of bread, we provide two mariages: "wine course" to enjoy wine with bread and "wheat course" to enjoy the bread which matches the beer. The wine course includes 10 Hokkaido wines from Chitose Winery, Yamazaki Winery, etc. The wheat course includes five distinctive Hokkaido beers such as the white beer with unique flavor by using wheat germ, and the ale utilizing the sourness and sweetness of apples.

A mariage example of "wheat course" to enjoy with bread
Appetizer × Okhotsk Beer Weizen

The canapé finished with marinated salmon, cheese, marmalade, colorful vegetables, etc. Enjoy this appetizer with a refreshing taste by combining beer that has high content of carbon dioxide, low bitterness, and unique flavor.

A mariage example of "wine course" to enjoy with bread
Dessert × Chitose Winery Late Harvest

A luxurious brioche made with Earl Gray and milk. The rich soft ice cream made by Tomamu milk is served on the rich, moist brioche made with plenty of butter. The wine for the dessert is a special sweet white wine that has been stored and aged for years. The fresh aroma, sweetness and tartness of wine enhance the sweetness of the dessert.

A new menu for tasting bread

A delicious raclette cheese fondue on the delicious bread menu features the raclette cheese made from the raw milk of our carefully caring grass-feed cows. The cheese features full of grassy smell with a clear and refreshing taste. Its flavor will be further enhanced after heated. In this event, a variety of breads can be chosen. This year, the new sweet items, such as rusks, butter cakes, scones, etc. adds more choosing fun.

Moonlit Night Bread Festival

Sep 1 - Oct 31 2019
6:00pm -9:00pm
Inside hotalu street cafe&bar "tukino"
Bread 300 yen, wine 1,000 yen, cheese fondue 5,000 yen, "wine course" to enjoy with bread 4,000yen, "wheat course" to enjoy with bread 1,800yen (all taxes and fees included)
Available to both hotel guests and day trip visitors.
*Reservations are required for the bread course.
The bread course Reservation

*According to stocking conditions, the food content offered may vary.

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