Potato Halloween

A potato-themed Halloween event for adults and childrenPotato Halloween

Potato Halloween is held during October 12-31, 2019. Speaking of Halloween, people usually think of pumpkins; but in our resort, potatoes play the leading role. This event utilize the Hokkaido potatoes harvested in autumn and the harvest festival which is also said to be the origin of Halloween. We will also hold the "Farm gala party" to celebrate the autumn harvest in the farm area in the resort.

We will decorate the buildings of the two hotels, "The Tower" and "RISONARE Tomamu", on two themes of different potatoes. The theme of The Tower is Danshaku Potato theme with the buzzy skin, and the one of RISONARE Tomamu is the bright purple Shadow Queen. The event also includes a potato-themed room, a gala party celebrating the fall harvest, and the capsule toys with sweets inside. We offer various ways to enjoy the Halloween event by both adults and children.

3 features of Potato Halloween

"Farm gala party" to celebrate autumn harvest is held for the first time

"Farm gala party" to celebrate autumn harvest is held for the first time. "Gara party" means a special event or festival, etc. The party is held at the farm area where animals gather. At the venue, formal dressed goats, sheep and other animals attend the party together. It is a Halloween party to celebrate the autumn harvest with animals while surrounding a bonfire and listening to music.

The dress code is animal pattern

The dress code for this party is animal pattern. The word "pattern" of animal is pronounced like "gala" in Japanese, which is the same word in the Farm "gala" party. Visitors can borrow costumes for dressing up, so everyone can participate freely.

Sweets and fireworks bring more fun to the party

At this party, we will prepare chocolate sweets, "potato bonbon", at the bar counter. They have potato-like shape, rich white chocolate sweetness and a slight whiskey taste. You can enjoy them with our alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. In addition, during the party, you can listen to music and watch the colorful fireworks inspired by Halloween.

Farm gala party

17:00~19:00 Fireworks is scheduled to launch at 18:30 (6:30 pm)
Available to both hotel guests and day trip visitors.

* It may be canceled due to bad weather or the animals' health condition.
* The supplies of sweets and drinks are limited.

Potato Gacha Gacha - sweets or potatoes are inside!

The capsules have cookies or chocolates inside. The feature potato Jack O'Lantern of each hotel is the design them of the sweets. If the seed potato is in your capsule, you win the prize! Come to exchange it for our Halloween original sweets.

Potato Gacha Gacha

Tomamu The Tower,RISONARE Tomamu
100 yen once

Potato Halloween Room

The one and only limited guest room in the hotel "The Tower", themed around Potato Halloween with potato cushions and figures. This room is decorated with potato Jack O'Lantern, potato cushions etc. A "Surprise Turndown" will be carried out while the guests go out for dinner. The room will be decorated with Halloween party decoration. Enjoy the completely different atmosphere at night.

Potato Halloween Room

12 Oct 2019 - 31 Oct 2019- check in
Tomamu The Tower
From 13,800 yen per night (per person when four people stay in one room. Tax excluded. Breakfast included)
From 16,100 yen per night (per person when four people stay in one room. Tax excluded. Breakfast included)
Limited to 1 group per day * up to 4 people per group
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