Unkai Terrace Camp

Family can rent out a terrace with a spectacular view of the sky."Unkai Terrace Camp"

Dogs also can Camp together in a tent or sleeping bag.
Dates: July 20 to August 31, 2023
This is a lodging experience where families can rent out UNKAI Terrace with a spectacular view from the observation deck that is pushed out into the air. This year, the third year, it is possible to enjoy camping in UNKAI Terrace with their dogs, with their own tents and sleeping bags. You can enjoy the great nature of Hokkaido by watching the stars at night and the sea of clouds in the early morning.

Features of Unkai Terrace Camp

1.Camping in UNKAI Terrace rented out by family

We rent out UNKAI Terrace for camping during the dusk to dawn hours, which are close for usual guests. Families can enjoy the full sky of stars at night and the spectacular view of the sea of clouds and sunrise before them in the early morning. During the early morning hours when the sea of clouds rises, staff offers a private "Unkai Guide" explaining the mechanism of the formation of the sea of clouds and the conditions of the day. Staff also handles everything from preparation to clearing the tents, chairs and tables. You can easily enjoy a camp in nature.

2."Unkai Camp Dinner" cook by yourself and enjoy it

Enjoy cooking your own Unkai Camp Dinner. The main dish is roast beef smoked in a Dutch oven. When opening the lid, the smoke spreads like a sea of clouds flowing into Tomamu. And for dessert, we prepare s'more, which is skillet covered with marshmallows and a combination of Haskap, a fruit unique to Hokkaido. Marshmallows look like a sea of clouds below. You can enjoy dinner while imagining the sea of clouds the next day and spend a relaxing time with your family surrounding the bonfire.

New3. Goods that allow you to camp safely with your dog.

At the Unkai Terrace Camp with your dog, we will prepare items that will make your dog feel safe. We will provide a tent and sleeping bag for your dog and a cot (* 2) to rest. We also want your dog to experience a special time, so as a snack we will provide you with a jerky of ezo venison hunted in Shimukappu Village, where our resort is located. You are also free to use a number of unique viewing spots and the newly established Unkai Terrace Dog Run. Before dinner, take a walk with your dog looking at the resort at the foot of the mountain.

*2 Simplified bed for sleeping in camps etc.

Examples of Schedules

1st Day
Check in to RISONARE Tomamu
Move to UNKAI Terrace and walk around UNKAI Terrace with your dog
Enjoy the Unkai Camp Dinner
Enjoy family time around the bonfire
Go to bed
2nd day
See the sea of clouds in a private UNKAI Terrace
Learn about the sea of clouds with a private sea of clouds guide
Move to RISONARE Tomamu
Breakfast at the buffet dining hal

"Unkai Terrace Camp" Overview

July 20 to August 31, 2023 (check-in)
Adults 42,000 yen, 7 ~ 11 years 33,000 yen, 4 ~ 6 years 27,000 yen, 3 years and under free
*Room rates in RISONARE Tomamu are not included.
What's Included
Unkai Terrace Camp 1 night, camping equipment rental, Unkai Camp Dinner, breakfast, drinks, camping goods for dogs (Tents, sleeping bags, cots), dog amenities, dogs treats, Unkai Guide, transportation to UNKAI Terrace
For guests staying in RISONARE Tomamu
Reservation Start Date
February 15, 2023 (reservations accepted up to 14 days in advance)
1 group per day (2 ~ 4 people), up to 2 dogs
  • ・Sea of clouds occurs when the weather conditions are perfect. It may be canceled due to bad weather.
  • ・The origin of the ingredients and the menu may change depending on the availability.
  • ・Reservations in RISONARE Tomamu are a must plan. Please make a separate reservation for the same day you would like to use Unkai Terrace Camp.