Dirty Buggy

Only on rainy days!"Dirty Buggy"

The activity of driving a fully open buggy and getting muddy
June 1 - July 15, 2023
On rainy days only, drive a fully open buggy and perform a muddy "Dirty Buggy" activity. Participants drive themselves through courses that can not be driven by ordinary cars, get plenty of mud and splashes from all sides, and experience the extraordinary feeling of driving on mountain roads in a buggy.

Features of Dirty buggy

1.Participants drive fully open buggies by themselves

This activity involves driving a four-wheel drive buggy that can be driven in a variety of road environments. A buggy has no windshield or roof, provides ample exposure to mud and splashes from all sides. The best part of this activity is that you can drive yourself through muddy rough roads and puddle roads that can not be experienced on a sunny day.

2.A course with wooded trails and splash points

Four splash points where you can get muddy, driving along a mountain trail dotted with mud paths and puddles in the resort's forest. Can't visually see the depth of the muddy puddles, so the speed of the buggy is important to get through without stopping. Enjoy the activity only available on a rainy day!

3.A variety of rental goods that are safe even become mushy.

To enjoy driving on bad roads as much as possible without worrying about getting dirty, we prepared special snags, towels and boots. Helmets are also available for rent. After enjoying the activity, taking a shower at the "Mina-mina Beach" or warm yourself at "Kirin no Yu."

"Dirty Buggy" Overview

June 1 to July 15, 2023 *Rainy Days Only
¥25,000 per group (tax included)
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
What's Included
Driving a Buggy, Support from Guide Staff, Rental Set (Coveralls, Towel,Boots, Helmet), Hot Milk
Exclusive course inside Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU
At GAO Outdoor Center reception, two days before the event day.
Or call 0167-57-2587
One group per day *1-4 people
Guests staying at RISONARE Tomamu or Tomamu the Tower
*Only Age 7 or more are available.
Japanese Driver License holder (If drive by yourself)
It may be suspended due to weather, rainfall, etc.
If you do not wish to drive it yourself, our guide staff can drive it.