Melon Champagne Festival

Enjoy pairing with melon and champagne in summer"Melon Champagne Festival"

~ 100% Melon! Luxury Red & Green Melons Shaved Ice ~
Period: June 1 - August 31, 2023
The Melon Champagne Festival is held to offer a summer-seasonal melon and champagne extravaganza. This year, Luxury Red & Green Melons Shaved Ice is available, using a rich red melon and a refreshing sweet green melon. You can spend an elegant time feeling the cool breeze of summer nights.

Features of the Melon Champagne Festival

Power Up1.Offers champagne and toppings to match seasonal taste melons

Prepare 10 types of champagne for the red melon, characterized by its rich sweetness and aroma, and the blue melon, characterized by its refreshing sweetness. In addition, this year the new toppings are available. Mozzarella made from TOMAMU Milk (* 2), soft-serve ice cream that makes you taste the melon like a dessert, and prosciutto. When pairing with prosciutto, the saltiness brings out the sweetness of the melon even more.

*2 Milk from cows raised in farm areas

new2.100% Melon! Made with red and blue melons
Luxury Red & Green Melons Shaved Ice

The bowl made with half of a red melon, and served with a TOMAMU Milk Gelato, topped with red and green melon flesh, shaved ice made from 100% of the melon. The moderate acidity of the Yogurt Espuma (* 3) at the end brings out the sweetness of the melon even more. The fresh and refreshing acidity of the champagne accentuates the rich and juicy sweetness of the melon.

*3 A glassed frothy yogurt foam

Luxury Red & Green Melons Shaved Ice ¥7000 (limited quantity)

2.Offer a "Taste Comparison Plate of 6 Melons" to taste different varieties all at once

Offer a Taste Comparison Plate of six different melons so that you can enjoy a variety of flavors. Melons are characterized by differences in color, aroma, texture, sugar content, etc., depending on the variety. Hope that you will enjoy the differences between melons. This is a luxurious plate where you can taste a little of each of the six varieties.

"Melon Champagne Festival" Overview

June 1 - August 31, 2023
1/8 Cut Melon ¥600
1 Glass of Champagne ¥1,200~
Various toppings ¥200~
Taste Comparison Plate of 6 Melons¥2,500
*All include tax
6:00 pm ~ 9:00 pm
Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU hotaru street
All guests
The menu may change depending on purchase and stock situation.