The Announcement of the Partial Limited
Usage due to the Repair Work
of Unkai Terrace.

To make the environment more comfortable for the visitors to spent, Minato Deck will be operate for the repair work. We apologize for the inconvenience, and would like to ask for your understanding and the cooperation.

Other than Minato Deck, Unkai Terrace still have many observation spots to enjoy Unkai from many angles. New observation spot, Cloud Bar will be open from this summer.

The period of repair work: 1st of April, 2019 to Middle of November, 2019 (scheduled).

The image of the new observation spot, Cloud Bar (scheduled to be open from this summer).

This observation spot is imaged as a bar counter where can see the superb view, like Unkai and rising sun. Along the road of Unkai Terrace, there are bar counter and chairs which is 3 meters high and 13 meters long. There are two types of chairs, one for single person, and the other for two person. Maximum for seven people to use. The feature of Cloud Bar is that you can climb the ladder on the chair, and see the greens on the slope and feel like floating in the landscape by sitting on the chair.