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Taking the gondola from the foothill of Hoshino Resorts Tomamu in early morning, leads you to a white sea of "Unkai" spreading in front of your eyes.
As the Unkai Terrace is situated at a height of 1,088m above sea level where clouds occur easily, you may even be able to experience Unkai closely as if you can reach them by hand.
We invite you to enjoy such a fine morning with a cup of nice coffee.

The Unkai Terrace opened in 2006 offers attractions like the "Cloud Walk" which feels like walking on the clouds, and also other similar overlook decks and walking trails. It has become a representative symbol and a popular attraction of Hokkaido, where over 100 thousand people have visited up till now.
Please continue to come and enjoy the constantly evolving Unkai Terrace.



UNKAI TERRACE is located at a lower height of 1,088m than at the high mountains.
With this, the Unkai(Sea of Clouds) is as close as you can almost reach your hands to it.
Here are types of the Unkai that can be seen from UNKAI TERRACE.
* The seasonal average percentage of Unkai occurrence is around 30-50%. The types of Unkai occurring differ depending on multiple conditions such as temperature, humidity, wind direction, etc.


The dynamic movement is unique to the
"Pacific Ocean-grown Unkai" at Tomamu

In the summer, the sea temperature off Tokachi and Kushiro remains low. When the warm south wind from the south driven by Pacific Ocean high-pressure occurs, massive low clouds (sea fog) occur in the sea off the east part of Hokkaido. The low clouds cover Tokachi Plain by the south-east wind and travel over Hidaka Mountains (mountains at slightly clouds’ altitude) finally to reach Tomamu. Tomamu Mountain is located at some distance almost reachable from the Pacific Ocean-grown Unkai (Sea of Clouds), and we can say the Unkai (Sea of Clouds) is quite unique to Tomamu. If the overflow of clouds over Hidaka Mountains is too strong, UNKAI Terrace is covered by the clouds. If the overflow is too weak, then the clouds are blocked by Hidaka Mountains (in the latter case Tomamu-grown cloud sea can often be seen). The waterfall-like UNKAI (Sea of Cloud) can only be seen when all conditions are perfectly met. It can be said that "the phenomenon is worth watching as it can rarely be seen".

Conditions favoring the occurrence of Pacific Ocean-grown Unkai
・East Hokkaido (Tokachi offshore area) is covered by high atmospheric pressure, and sea fog is occurring
・An east-southeast wind is blowing towards Tomamu area
・The wind condition has been weak since the night before until dawn

The impressive "Tomamu-grown Unkai"
with the Hotel protruding out above the clouds

Tomamu-grown Unkai (Sea of Clouds) occurs in a calm and clear night, when the air cooled by the heat escaping up in the sky, the radiation cooling, stays at the basin bottom. In the morning with this Tomamu-grown Unkai(Sea of Clouds), the temperature at UNKAI Terrace becomes higher than at the mountain base. After the sun rises and the basin bottom is warmed, the Unkai (Sea of Clouds) gradually vanishes. You can see The Tower overhanging the Unkai (Sea of Clouds) sometimes.

Conditions favoring the occurrence of Tomamu-grown Unkai
・Tomamu area is covered by high atmospheric pressure, and becomes clear in the morning
・The wind condition is weak since the night before up till dawn
・A sudden drop of temperature in the morning

Adverse-weather Unkai
- can only be seen during bad weather

The Unkai(Sea of Clouds) that occurs in an adverse weather or in a weather becoming worse. A bank of clouds surrounding the mountains seen from UNKAI Terrace becomes the Unkai(Sea of Clouds) and there are clouds above the Unkai(Sea of Clouds). There may be the grand Unkai(Sea of Clouds), but the movement of clouds can be stormy. UNKAI Terrace starts going inside a cloud and the weather becomes adverse.

Conditions favoring the occurrence of Adverse-weather Unkai
・Tomamu area is covered by high atmospheric pressure, and becomes clear in the morning
・The wind condition is weak since the night before up till dawn
・A sudden drop of temperature in the morning


Enjoy the magnificent view during a walk

At the Unkai Terrace, in order for visitors to be able to enjoy the Unkai from different view points while taking a walk, we have setup several decks (overlooks) at various heights and directions. The most recommended spot is the "Cloud Walk" established in 2015. This deck protruding from the slope allows visitors to enjoy Unkai experience at the closest distance ever, as if walking inside the fluffy clouds.

Coming SEP 12, 2017
Cloud Pool

The giant hammock designed as the cloud. Maximum 10 people enjoy at the same time, the highest point is 8m from the ground. Enjoy a dream-like feeling of floating on a cloud.

Coming SEP 12, 2017
Contour Bench

Giant benches designed as the contour lines of mountains. Maximum 200 people sit at the same time. Benches are settled as different angles and heights along the natural landform. Please enjoy the show of changing Unkai (Sea of Clouds) in your favorite seat.

Relaxing at the Overlook Café

The "Overlook Café" at Unkai Terrace provides coffee and soups for warming up your body after a chilly early morning at the Unkai Terrace. Please enjoy a luxurious moment while gazing at the magnificent scenery.

Enjoy a light hike at Mt. Tomamu

The altitude increment from Unkai Terrace up to the peak of Mt. Tomamu is 150m. You may enjoy an approximately 40-min hike from there. If you are lucky, you may even encounter a 360° Unkai-surrounded breathtaking view.
* A simple registration is required at the Unkai Gondola Peak Station before you start hiking.



Open Period
From MAY 13, 2017 to OCT 16, 2017
Open Hours
[MAY 13 - MAY 31] 5:00 - 7:00(Last ride up)
[JUN 1 - AUG 31] 5:00 - 8:00(Last ride up)
[SEP 1 - SEP 30] 4:30 - 8:00(Last ride up)
[OCT 1 - OCT 16] 5:00 - 7:00(Last ride up)
Gondola fees
Gondola tickets are included in the packaged plans for Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Tomamu and Hoshino Resorts Tomamu The Tower.

* Exceptions apply to certain plans. Please refer to the details of each packaged plan.

Adult(age 13 and over)  ¥1,900
Child(age 7〜12)  ¥1,200
Child(age 4〜6)  ¥0
Pets  ¥500

* Unlimited use on the day of purchase.

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* There are no JR or buses that arrive within the operating hours of Unkai Terrace. You may either choose to stay at Hoshino Resorts Tomamu or the hotels nearby, or come by rental cars.
* The estimated time is only for reference. It may differ drastically depending on factors like time period, traffic conditions, etc. Please be sure to check by yourself before you set off.
* The JR service between Furano and Shintoku is currently (at the point of April, 2017) suspended and unavailable due to a disaster.
We provide a free shuttle service commuting from "RISONARE Tomamu" and "Tomamu The Tower" to the foothill station (Resort Center).
* A free shuttle service bound for "RISONARE Tomamu" and "Tomamu The Tower" will be awaiting at the Tomamu Station. (It takes about 5-10 min to arrive at the hotels.)


Hoshino Resorts

This all-suite hotel is located on an elevated site in the resort surrounded by coniferous trees. Each room is 100 square meters or larger with a sauna and a jetbus with a view. Spend some relaxing time away your everyday life.

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Jun 1st 2017 thru Oct 15th 2017

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Hoshino Resorts
Tomamu The Tower

Perfect for guests who are looking for an active holiday at a reasonable price. This conveniently located hotel is positioned in the center of the resort, close to the restaurant mall Foresta Mall and the golf course.

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Apr 29th 2017 thru Oct 31th 2017

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