Feminine Privilege Snowy Mountain Stay

Accommodation package for enjoying the snowy mountains easilyFeminine Privilege Snowy Mountain Stay

"Feminine Privilege Snowy Mountain Stay" is a 2-night accommodation package for people who do not ski or snowboard to enjoy snowy mountains. The service has started for three years. This year, we have a new activity exclusively for participants of this package: to play with snow in the reserved snowfield. Return to your childhood and enjoy the snowy mountains world as you wish in the snowfield.

Check-in during December 1, 2019 - March 30, 2020

Playing with snow in the reserved snowfield

Participants of this package can take the "sled cabin" to travel through the reserved snowfield. The "sled cabin" is a comfortable sled with a roof and windows through which you can enjoy the snowy landscape of Tomamu from the warm cabin. During the snowfield reserved hours in the morning, you own the fluffy accumulated snow. You can lie on the snow and enjoy while no one is nearby. There are many wild animals live in Tomamu, and you might find animal footprints on the snow.

Expressing the snowy scenery spreading across the earthSnow Breakfast

Our “Snow Breakfast” which expresses the snowy scenery of Tomamu. The main dish is "Snow Nabe" hot pot which mimics the snowfield with turnips, radishes, Nagaimo yam and so on. Snow Nabe is made with various roots like carrots and lily bulbs. It is covered with turnips and daikon on top to mimic the accumulated snow covering Tomamu's land. Besides, since the restaurant serving this breakfast is on the top floor of RISONARE Tomamu, you may enjoy the meal while gazing at the magnificent snowing scene.

Starts at 8:00am on the 2nd day
RISONARE Tomamu North Wing 32nd Floor "Platinum"
*The content may vary according to the stocking conditions

Themed around the accumulated snowy sceneSnow Dinner

Snow Dinner is a full course meal made in an effort to mimic the gradual accumulation of snow as the season shifts from fall to winter. In order for you to also have fun with its presentation, there are dishes like an appetizer that presents the flourishing nature of Tomamu in its first snow, and a meat dish with scattered snowballs on the accumulated snow. Starting from this winter, we recommend matching your meal with the white wine "Hatsu-Yuki (first snow)". The wine is made without additives to bring out the original potential of grapes. It is characterized by its apparent sourness and excellent balance, which make it an ideal match with all cuisines.

Snow Dinner Menu Examples
Starts at 6:00pm on the 1st day
Private Dining "Mina / Kanto"
About 2 hr

Stay in the room with the items and drink of the theme of snow and ice

The guest room for "Feminine Privilege Snow Mountain Stay" is decorated with cushion and glasses designed with snow crystal patterns. For the guests to enjoy their stay in the guest room, besides preparing alcoholic drinks and sweets, there is also a "Icy Welcome Drink" provided at check-in. This is an exclusive welcome drink for "Feminine Privilege Snow Mountain Stay" guests. It is made by pouring hot black tea over ice cubes made with edible flowers, to let the aroma pervade as the ice melts. Here the guests are reminded of the snow resort by the snow and ice atmosphere even staying inside the warm guest room.

Enjoy Tomamu without worries even in cold winterFeminine Privilege Snowy Mountain Goods

We have prepared "Feminine Privilege Snowy Mountain Goods" for you to enjoy the snowy mountains with no worries. The gear provides warmth even when the temperature is as low as about -15⁰C in Tomamu. We have outerwear and snow boots and accessories like gloves for extreme cold for you to use. Thus you do not need to prepare ski wear and so on in advance. Also, we have the special item "Snow Glasses," with which you can observe snow crystals. Searching for snow crystals that are said each has a unique shape flourishes your snowy mountain walks.

Releasing the body that fully enjoyed the snowy mountainsFeminine Privilege Snowy Mountain SPA Treatment

A SPA treatment that erases your body tension and relaxes your mind after enjoying the snowy mountains. Warm your feet in the footbath, warm your body from inside with herbal tea with ginger, and have an oil treatment done on your back.

8:00pm - 11:00pm (last reception at 10:00pm) on the 2nd day
60 min per person* Includes time for changing and consultation.
SPA Salon in RISONARE Tomamu

*Service contents are subject to change.
*There is a special menu for guests with allergy.

■Feminine Privilege Snowy Mountain Stay Accommodation Package

Check-in during December 1, 2019 - March 30, 2020
For 3 persons sharing 1 room 77,000yen per person、For 2 persons sharing 1 room 80,300yen per person~(Both include taxes and service fees)
Included in fee: 2 nights stay at RISONARE Tomamu, 2 breakfasts (1 Snow Breakfast), 1 Snow Dinner, Feminine Privilege Snowy Mountain Goods rental (outerwear, gloves, hats, neck warmers, snow boots, portable body warmer, snow glasses), 1 time Feminine Privilege Snowy Mountain SPA Treatment
1 group per day*Max. 3 persons per group *Min. 2 persons for booking


Scenic spots and activities for non-skiers (optional)

In the resort, we are proposing various winter scenic spots and activities for guests to enjoy even without skiing or snowboarding. Add activities to this package to enrich your stay even further.

Ice Village

A town that appears every year only on winter's nights. A place to enjoy activities and food that make good use of the cold.

Terrace of Frost Tree

An overlook spot located at 1088m high in Mt. Tomamu, where scenic frost trees can be seen.