Ice Hotel

A below freezing accommodation experienceIce Hotel

The dome-shaped ceiling, wall, and furniture of the Ice Hotel are all made of ice. This Hotel is a place for you to live in an ice world with the ice bed, Arctic Bath surrounded by the white birch forest, Ice Lounge, etc. From this winter, we provide the hot spring from Yunosawa Onsen in Shimukappu village at Arctic Bath. The hot water of the “mineral spring with sodium chloride and calcium chloride” will gradually heal your tiredness while warming you from inside.

The extraordinary experience at Ice Hotel made from a single piece of ice

In Ice Hotel, you are in a fantastic ice world. The wall and ceiling of Hotel are made from a single piece of ice. Besides, the bed, table, and chairs are all made of ice. A quiet night is waiting for you since the thick ice wall blocks the sound from outside. In the sleeping bags for extreme cold till morning, you will have a comfortable sleep. Enjoy the extraordinary feeling in the fantastic space.

Enjoy the hot springs in Arctic Bath

In Arctic Bath, you will now enjoy the hot spring from Yunosawa Onsen in Shimukappu village. The “mineral spring with sodium chloride and calcium chloride” gradually warm your cold body from inside lead you to a comfortable sleep. This outdoor bath is surrounded by ice and has a panoramic view of the white birch forest. Enter the hot spring while feeling the serenity of the white birch forest under the clear winter starry sky. This special experience will soothe your body and mind while getting away from everyday life.

■ Ingredients: mineral spring with sodium chloride and calcium chloride (neutral isotonic mineral spring)
■ Remarks: The bathing experience is only available to guests using the ice accommodation. A warm changing area is available near the outdoor bath. No shower is available.

Relax at Ice Lounge while admiring the starry sky

Ice Lounge is a place to enjoy the drinks while wearing room ware exclusively for Ice Hotel guests after warming your body in the outdoor bath. There are relaxing ice chairs and ice cellar. The drinks in the ice cellar, such as black tea, milk, whiskey, etc., will warm your body. A cup of black tea with ginger or lemon syrup is recommended to warms you from inside. Enjoy the fantastic ice world on the relaxing ice chair with your favorite drink while being comfortable after bath.

Accommodation schedule example

The 1st day
Check in
Warm your body in Arctic Bath in the white birch forest
Relax at Ice Lounge while admiring the starry sky
Sleep in the ice bed while being wrapped in the sleeping bag
The 2nd day
Wake up
Warm your body with the warm morning soup
Check out
Accommodation experience
Jan 18th, 2020 - Feb 29th, 2020
Inside Ice Village Ice Hotel
Check-in: 9:40pm - 10:00pm
Check-out: 8:00am next morning
¥ 25,300 per person per night(税・サ込)
Included: Ice Hotel on-night accommodation, Arctic Bath, Ice Lounge, hot drinks, sleeping bags, roomwear, Morning Soup
1 group of 2 persons max. per day
Guests staying at The Tower or Risonare Tomamu. *Above elementary school age.

* The content provided may be subject to change.

Free Admission
Available to both hotel guests and day trip visitors.

Ice Village

The street of ice that only appears during winter in TOMAMU -- the Ice Village. The fantastical scenery that opens up only under the -20°C environment in TOMAMU.