Seafood Overflow Festival

An event for you to taste seafood on the hillside luxuriouslySeafood Overflow Festival

“Seafood Overflow Festival" will be held from December 1, 2019, to March 31, 2020. Come to taste lots of seafood from the sushi overflow, on which the seafood such as salmon roe, crab, sea urchin fully covering the top of the rice. It's the second time of this event, our new menu item, “Mega Overflow Sushi” is designed for you to enjoy Overflow sushi more luxuriously.

An event for you to taste seafood on the hillside luxuriously

In Hokkaido, we may put salmon roe on sushi and seafood rice bowls overflowingly. You now have the opportunity to try this unique Hokkaidoat way to taste seafood in the “Seafood Overflow Festival” at our resort. Cafe & bar tukino, which hosts this event, is on hotalu street, Japan's first ski-in ski-out village located in the middle of the ski area. Let's taste seafood in the ski area.

overflow with seafood fully covers the riceOverflow sushi

The overflow sushi is made with salmon, crab, tuna, sea urchin, scallop, etc. It is said that winter seafood tastes better by getting stuffy body and high-quality fat because of the coldness. The sushi with plenty of seasonal seafood is named "Overflow sushi" at this resort.

A new menu to enjoy Overflow sushi more luxuriouslyMega Overflow Sushi

Mega Overflow Sushi is a new menu using all the seafood used in the event, including salmon roe, crab, tuna, sea urchin, scallops, salmon, etc. It equals to 4 Overflow sushi, 30 pieces of regular nigiri sushi. It is a mega size sushi, which is about 15-cm high. It is for 6 to 8 people to enjoy. It is put on the plate of a pair of 70-cm long skis, and you will use chopsticks designed as a pair of poles. It will bring you two or more times of happiness and the best memories with all families and friends when staying at the Snow Resort.

Complete the bingoOverflow upgrade

The menu of overflow sushi is a bingo card with 9 squares. Each square has one menu on it. Open the squares of the items when you ordered it. After completing a bingo line, you will get the "overflow upgrade" service. Select one of your ordered items of the bingo line, and we will add even more seafood on it!

December 1, 2019 - March 31, 2020
* From 12:00 to 16:00, we only provide “Overflow Five Seafoods sushi.”
Mega Overflow Sushi. 12,000yen
Overflow Sea urchin sushi 8,000yen
Overflow Crab meat sushi 4,000yen
Overflow Tuna sushi 4,000yen
Overflow Salmon roe sushi 4,000yen
Overflow Scallop sushi 4,000yen
Overflow Five Seafoods sushi 3,000yen
Japanese Sake 180 ml from 800 yen, others
(all tax and services fee are included)
cafe & bar "tukino" on hotalu street

* According to stocking conditions, the food content offered may vary. We only have limited Mega Overflow Sushi.

cafe & bar "tukino"

We recommend the hot cafe items, such as Hoshino resorts original blended coffee, "Hoshino Latte" newly provided this winter or "Buttermilk Latte" using Tomamu milk. We also have food menu such as hamburgers and parfaits for you to enjoy anytime during the day.