Moonlight snowmobile tour

Moonlight snowmobile tour

Only one group per day only to attend this event on the full moon night, the night before and the night after it. The participants will travel across the snowfield to enjoy the exhilarating feeling dashing over the snow. In addition, we have special seats on the snow foe you to relax and admire the moon. Please enjoy the fantastic nature created by the shining snowfield under the light of the fullmoon.

Enjoy the snowfield under the full moon light only for you

The area only opens to the participants of the activity limited to one group per day. You can enjoy dashing freely over the snow. During the tour, the guide will lead in front of you and teach you the tips to drive the snowmobile. A snowfield adventure for everyone, even beginners, to enjoy.

Luxurious experience at the "moon admiring base"

The "moon admiring base" located in the middle of the tour has tent and bonfire. This year, there is also a moon admiring seat where you can relax on the snow. There are also drinks named after the moon, such as whiskey called “Moon Harbor” and Japanese sake called “Full Moon”. Enjoy the luxurious experience of sitting in the moon admiring seat on the snowfield and enjoying the drink under the moonlight.

■Moonlight snowmobile tour

December 11-13, 2019, January 10-12, February 8-10, and March 9-11, 2020
Hoshino Resort Tomamu area
1 group 30,000 yen (tax and service fee included)
Price includes: snowmobile lecture, snowmobile ride, helmet / protector rental, Astronomical telescope, drinks
Hotel guests and day trip visitors both are welcome. * Only for 20 year olds and above
only one group of two people per day
* It may be canceled when snowmobile could not be safely operated because of the weather or the moon is covered, or other weather conditions.
* The drinks provided are subject to change depending on the availability.
* If you drink alcohol, we will take you back by buggy.