Ice Afternoon Tea

Ice Afternoon Tea

The event “Ice Afternoon Tea” will start from February 1st to 29th, 2020. Come to enjoy sweets at a fantastic lit-up ice special seat. This year, we have a new special sweet, “Chocolate Burning Shaved Ice.” The shaved ice is made with plenty of fruit and milk chocolate. The ice is covered with meringue and will be firing up in front of you when serving. Enjoy the performance and taste!

The special sweet makes your Valentine's Day more gorgeousChocolate Burning Shaved Ice

We offer the new special sweet, “Chocolate Burning Shaved Ice,” which is made with colorful fruits and milk chocolate shaved ice and is covered with meringue. We will fire it up when serving. Enjoy the extraordinary moment when fire lit up in the ice space. The meringue burned by the heat of the flame increases its fragrant and sweetness. The burnt meringue, the fruit and the shaved ice inside together form a rich taste. It is a sweet that make your Valentine's Day more gorgeous in this fantastic ice space.

Be with your important onesIce Special Seats

The “Ice Special Seats” are located in the lit-up white birch forest in the ice town “Ice Village”. Chairs and the tables with the ice tea stands set on are all made of ice. The fantastic ice special seats create the space for you to enjoy a Valentine's Day that you cannot experience in the city.

Little treats on tea standIce Petit Fours

On the ice table, a 3-tier tea stand made of ice is set up with 5 kinds of little treats on it like cakes and macarons. The little treats "Ice Petit Fours" arranged on ice are vividly colorful, making them also an eye candy.

■Ice Afternoon Tea

February 1-29,2020
In Ice Village
Adults: 3,850 yen per person; children: 2,750 yen per person (both including tax)
Included: Ice Petit Fours, Chocolate Burning Shaved Ice (one for two people), hot tea
3 groups per day *Up to 4 persons per group
* The content provided may be subject to change.

Ice Village

The street of ice that only appears during winter in TOMAMU -- the Ice Village. The fantastical scenery that opens up only under the -20°C environment in TOMAMU.