Ice Concert

The concert of the one and the only ice musician “Terje Isungset”Ice Concert

An “ice concert” will be held on February 17, 2020. This is a one-night concert. The performer will play 5 different ice instruments in the dome-shaped "Ice Chapel." This is the fifth concert since it started. We proudly invite Terje Isungset, who is known as the one and the only ice musician. Enjoy the delicate sounds of ice instruments in a fantastic space surrounded by ice, the experience only the in the cold Tomamu for you to

The concert of the one and the only ice musician “Terje Isungset”

Terje is an ice musician from Norway who first played “Ice Music” using ice instruments in 1999. He is the only person in the world who makes and plays his ice instrument. This time, he will make and play the ice xylophone, ice horn, ice wind chimes, etc. at the Ice Concert in the resort.

A performance with instruments made with ice

The ice instruments which are made by carving the whole ice, feature their delicate sounds and shiny clear look. Since these instruments are easily influenced by temperature, the performer will tune them before the concert. They will be used exclusively for the single concert. However, you are welcome to touch and beat the ice instruments at the “Ice Instrument Room” in the Ice Village.

Details of the ice instruments

Held on the "Day of Angel's Whisper" as a symbol of cold

In 1994, the day of February 17 was made a memorial day, for the non-official record of the lowest temperature said to be ever taken in Hokkaido. (*) The name "Angel's Whisper" was given as a metaphor for the beauty of the "diamond dust" phenomenon which can be observed as the glistering of water vapor in the air when the required weather conditions are ideal. Our resort is holding this concert on such day in hopes that our guests would enjoy the cold yet beautiful winter of Hokkaido.
(*) Reference: Horokanai Town homepage; the Day of Angel's Whisper is a memorial day registered with Japan Anniversary Association.

■Ice Concert

Feb 17th, 2020
Ice Chapel within Ice Village
18:00~、19:00~ *for 20 min each
Free Admission
40 persons each on first-come-first-served basis
Available to both hotel guests and day trip visitors.
* Contents may be changed or canceled due to weather conditions

Ice Village

The street of ice that only appears during winter in TOMAMU -- the Ice Village. The fantastical scenery that opens up only under the -20°C environment in TOMAMU.