Scenic Champagne Bar

A sunny day exclusive event to enjoy the snow scenery and champagneScenic Champagne Bar

“Scenic Champagne Bar” will open from March 1st to April 5th, 2020. It is a sunny-day-only event that a bar suddenly appears at a scenic point in the ski area for you to enjoy snow scenery and champagne. This bar has the same bottom structure as the sled, and can be moved by a snow vehicle to the scenic point of the day. This year, the third year of the event, we will hold “Snowy Mountain Sightseeing” three times a day. You will travel around the scenic points while sitting in the bar. We will take you to the special courses that you cannot arrive by ski. This is a new way to enjoy the snowy mountain for everyone who skis or not.

The place where the bar appears is the superb view point of the day

A bar suddenly appears at the superb view point of the day. Come to drink champagne while watching the snow scene. The location of the bar is decided on the day. Stop at one corner of the ski area where you never stopped before; see the snow shining in the sun and the spectacular view of the snowy mountains.

Take a scenic spot on a moving barSnowy Mountain Sightseeing

This year, the third year, the bar will travel three times a day. This bar has the same bottom structure as the sled, so it can be moved by a snow vehicle. Sit in the portable bar at the scheduled time, and you will travel around the snowy mountain and see the scenic points. You may go to the tree-lined roads covered with snow or a hillside of the mountain to overlook the mountains in the blue sky. We will take you to the places that are not accessible by ski or snowboard; you will see the scenery that you haven't seen while gliding. We will provide two glasses of bartender recommended champagnes of the day for you to enjoy with the snow scenery during the sightseeing.

Chosen from 20 varieties of champagne

We have free tasting for you to find your favorite brands from 20 kinds of champagne. You may also pick one according to the bartender's recommendations. There are a variety of ways to enjoy this event.

Only on sunny days from March 1st to April 5th, 2020
Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU Ski Area
10:00-15:00 [Sightseeing] from 10:00, 13:00, and 14:00 *about 30 minutes each time
Champagne from 1,500 yen per glass; non-alcoholic drink 500 yen per glass; Snowy Mountain Sightseeing (with 2 glasses of champagne) 4,000 yen (tax and service fee included)
*Cash only.
Snowy Mountain Sightseeing: up to 10 people each time *first-come-first-serve
Available to both hotel guests and day trip visitors.

* Even on a sunny day, the event may still not be available due to other conditions like strong wind.
* The brands and quantities are subject to change according to stocking condition.