Food Valley TOKACHI 1day trip

Seasonal Special bus tour on March 3rd "Food Valley TOKACHI 1day trip" enjoying Hokkaido wine and cheese.

March 3, 2024 Only 1 hour distance from Hoshino Resorts Tomamu. The Tokachi area is thriving with agriculture in Hokkaido, and this bus tour to fully enjoy their local freshly harvested food and wine. You can enjoy exclusive tour experiences such as cheese cutting and wine pairing by world-class fromaget, lunch made with special Tokachi ingredients, and tours of Japanese sake breweries by toji.

*Fromaget: A cheese expert who has acquired deep knowledge of cheese and skills to cut and offer cheese nicely.
*Toji is a maker of Japanese sake.

< TOYO Cheese Factory >
Cheese cutting experience and wine pairing with Fromaget.

You will join a trial lecture for the knowledge of cheese and serving experience called plateau. The instructor, Mr. Nagahara, is a first-class fromaget that has been highly evaluated not only in Japan but also in the world fromaget contest. If you join this tour, you can purchase exclusive cheese which is for menbers only.

< Tokachi Makiba no Ie Winery >
Lunch and wine made with Tokachi ingredients

You can enjoy a lunch featuring Tokachi ingredients with tokachi wine at a local winery. In addition to wine, we also recommend the rich winery-made tomato juice.

< Hekiunzo >
A tour of Japanese sake breweries featuring local water

You will experience sake tasting at a newly opened Japanese sake brewery that particular about local water. Hekiunzo is a rare Japanese sake brewery located within a university campus. You can enjoy sake while listening to the explanation of how to make sake by Toji*
*Toji is a maker of Japanese sake. a brewer in wine.

Tour guide

JAL FURUSATO ambassadors (Tokachi region )
Senior Chief Cabin attendant
Chiaki Kobayashi

JAL FURUSATO ambassadors are flight attendants of Japan Airlines who have moved to their hometown or related areas and working to solve local issues by content creation and product development using local resources, utilising the knowledge and experience as flight attendants.

Food Valley TOKACHI 1-day trip

Operating Period
March 3, 2024 9:30~19:30
Eligible Participants
From the age of 20
*Guests under 20 years old can participate if they are accompanied with adults over 20 years old, but they are not allowed to drink.
Bus tour ¥30,000 / person
Operating Company
H.I.S. Co.,Ltd.
Departing from / Arriving to Tomamu the Tower (Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU)
Important Note(s)
*For an application, visit to HIS website.
*Only staying guests on March 2 and 3rd can apply for the tour. If you don't have the room reservation, please make a reservation for the tour with room plan .
Click here for bus tour reservation

*You will be transferred to "HIS" official website