A spring time in the middle of Hokkaido -Asahikawa/Biei/Furano/Tomamu-


Towards the fresh verdure of Hokkaido

This is when Hokkaido is welcoming a late spring around the time of Golden Week.
It changes its outfit from a piece of snowy scenery, to the vividly fresh verdure.
Within it, you are indulged in the Golden Route that shows the magnificence of Hokkaido
with the Daisetsuzan / Tokachidake mountain range which still have snow remaining,
and the hilly scenery that expands endlessly,
in the Asahikawa / Biei / Furano / Tomamu areas.

Asahikawa area


Asahiyama Zoo

The most northern zoo in Japan. The "Action Exhibit" is its main charm, where the environment is carefully set up to draw out the animals' innate amazing abilities. The "Mogu-Mogu (munching) Time" is also a popular activity where the zoo staff explains the animals' characteristic actions while feeding them.

Asahiyama Zoo

Photo source : Asahiyama Zoo

Ueno Farm

Ueno Farm is one of Hokkaido's Garden Streets, and we are their official affiliated hotel. With the idea of creating "Hokkaido's Garden" with plants that grow in Hokkaido's climate, this garden is made mainly with perennial plants that bloom in each season.

Ueno Farm

Photo source : Ueno Farm


This is the highest peak in Hokkaido with a height of 2,291m above sea level, which is also listed in the "100 Famous Japanese Mountains". Here, you may see the latest remaining snow in Japan up until June, and a walking trail leads you from where you get off the cable car, to the viewpoint of "Sugatami-no-Ike" with a panoramic view of high-mountain plants.

Daisetsuzan Asahidake Ropeway

Photo source : Asahikawa City

Snow Crystal Museum

This "Snow Gallery", where they offer an extraordinary dream-come-true experience, is created in the image of the most beautiful snow crystals in Japan fallen on the Daisetsuzan mountain range. The "Princess Experience" is also popular, where you may put on a dress of your preference and have your photos taken at this fortress-like building.

Snow Crystal Museum

Photo source : Snow Crystal Museum


Asahikawa has been a town flourished with sake-making since the old days, because of its advantageous source of spring water from the Daisetsuzan mountain range. You may enjoy the Japanese sake-tasting, shopping, and factory visits here.

Sake Brewery Museum / Takasago Shuzo

Photo source : Takasago Shuzo, sake brewery museum

Hoshino Resorts OMO7 Asahikawa

Message from Hoshino Resorts

Hoshino Resorts is launching a new hotel brand, OMO, with its first hotel scheduled to open doors in spring 2018.
This is the company’s fourth hotel brand, following HOSHINOYA, RISONARE, and KAI.
OMO will cater to tourists who normally stay at medium-range economy hotels that are frequented
by business travelers, but who are seeking accommodation that is more personal and tourism-oriented.
Hotels will be built in city centers rather than in traditional resort areas.
The first two will be launched in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, and Otsuka, Tokyo.


What is OMO?

Get down with the local rhythm By introducing you to the area’s best-kept secrets and offering unique surprises at every location, OMO will help make your trip something to truly remember.


Hoshino Resorts OMO Website >>


Point1 Guest Rooms
The "DANRAN Room" Designed to Aid in Planning for Exciting Sightseeing

OMO7 Asahikawa has been renovated to feature more concept-driven rooms. The DANRAN Rooms are compact, yet provide improved usability -- perfect for a nice, relaxed sightseeing trip to Hokkaido. Spread out the table and plan your next day's activities. These rooms are made specifically for you to maximize the fun of your stay in Asahikawa.

Point2 Front Lobby
A Lobby Lounge Complete with a White Burch Table

The lobby is a public space that is comfortable, yet filled with local Asahikawa design and a good mood. Sit back and relax, or chat with your neighbors, while learning more about the local area from friendly staff members.

Point3 Café & Bar
The "OMO Cafe&Bar" Where You Can Enjoy Different Atmospheres of Morning, Afternoon, and Evening

The Cafe&Bar is a place where you can not only eat, but also gather with friends, family, or neighbors to chat and have fun. Enjoy the different moods the cafe exhibits throughout the day. There is even a breakfast buffet that allows you savor the local Asahikawa flavor to the fullest.

Furano / Biei / Tomamu areas


Patchwork Road

The potato and wheat fields expand like a patchwork, giving you a beautiful scene that shows you Hokkaido's magnificence. The trees growing at the edges of the fields even add an accent to the picture.

* The fields are private properties and thus no entry is allowed.

Blue Pond

A spot that suddenly became popular since its pictures were used as computer screen wallpapers. It gives many faces according to the angle of view and the season you look at the vertically standing bare trees on the blue pond surface.

Biei Tourist Association

Farm Tomita

This is a popular facility with expansive and colorful floral fields centered on the overwhelmingly popular lavender field, and surrounded by other fields like poppy, cosmos, and baby's breath. Lavender starts blossoming around the end of June annually.

Farm Tomita

Photo source : Farm Tomita

Furano Winery

A popular local wine. You may enjoy not only the factory visits and wine-tasting at this winery in the mid-mountain area, but also enjoy a western meal at the Furano Wine House just next to the winery while looking at the expansive scenery of the fields.

Furano Winery

Photo source : Furano Winery

Lake Kanayama

Here, you may enjoy activities like fishing and canoeing in the summer, and pond smelt-fishing in the winter. There are also multiple activities held at Tomamu that have Lake Kanayama set as their venue.

Minami-Furano Town

Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU

The dynamic unkai flowing in, passing the Hidaka Mountains. The amazing view created by nature makes Tomamu's morning vividly colorful. Last year's September, there born a large hammock, the "Cloud Pool", which allows you to experience the feeling as if floating in clouds, was made in the image of cloud.



Furano / Biei / Tomamu

■Asahikawa area
1. Asahiyama Zoo
2. Ueno Farm
3. Asahidake
4. Snow Crystal Museum
5. Sake Brewery Museum
6. Takasago Shuzo

■Furano / Biei / Tomamu areas
1. Patchwork Road
2. Blue Pond
3. Farm Tomita
4. Furano Winery
5. Lake Kanayama

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Recommended Route

  • New Chitose Airport~Tomamu
  • Tomamu~Asahikawa
  • Asahikawa~Asahikawa Airport

New Chitose Airport~Tomamu


Asahikawa~Asahikawa Airport

【By JR】: At Tomamu Station, there are shuttle buses that operate in conjunction with the arrival times of the train. It takes about 5 min to arrive at Tomamu The Tower, and about 10 min to arrive at RISONARE Tomamu.

【By Car】: The suggested time does not include time staying at each spot along the way. Also, according to traffic conditions, the time may vary drastically.

【By Bus (Resort Liner)】: The suggested time also includes time for getting of the bus and paying visits. There are however, limitations to the periods of operation, and also the number of buses available.


Hoshino Resorts
Tomamu The Tower

Best for those who want to enjoy several different activities during their stay. The hotel is very convenient, located in the center of the resorts and near the GAO Outdoor Center.

Open Period
Dec 1st 2017 - Apr 2nd 2018
Apr 28th 2018 - Oct 31st 2018
Dec 1st 2018 - Mar 31st 2019

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* In addition, Club Med Hokkaido Tomamu, the third hotel in Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU, has opened since December 2017. We provide variations to suit your needs in the resorts.

Hoshino Resorts
OMO7 Asahikawa

Open on April, 28th 2018!

Asahikawa is located in central Hokkaido, making it perfect for sightseeing on Japan's northernmost island. It's also quite popular as a homebase for those sightseeing in Biei or Furano.
Enjoy a wonderfully relaxed town without the panic of heavy crowds even at the main station, and take your time savoring a never-ending stream of wonderful attractions such as the Asahiyama Zoo or local ramen.


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* Reservations up till April 25, 2018, are accepted through the following link. Hoshino Resorts Asahikawa Grand Hotel


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