• 花咲くTomamu

    Ski Area

    Enjoy the finest powder snow of Hokkaido at Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU.

  • Ice Village

    Ice Village

    Fantastic scenery expands in front of you, which is possible only in the environment of Tomamu where the temperature reaches -20°C.

  • Mina-Mina Beach

    RISONARE Tomamu

    This all-suite hotel is located on an elevated site in the resort surrounded by coniferous trees.

  • Mina-Mina Beach

    Tomamu The Tower

    The symbolic two towers located at the center of Tomau's resort area is hotel "THE TOWER."

  • Activity


    More than 20 types of programs are offered at Tomamu. Enjoy winter in the mountains by means other than skis and snowboards.

  • Mina-Mina Beach

    Mina-Mina Beach

    The indoor beach has one of the larger wave pools in Japan at 30 m by 80 m.

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