The Green Season closed on November 1, 2023.


How much is the cancellation fee?
4-21 days prior -- 10%
1-3 days prior -- 100%
Same day -- 100%
(For Hoshino Resorts Tomamu standard plan)

*There could be situations where a cancellation fee can occur even earlier than the above. For more information, please check the plan details.
*If you made reservations through a travel company, please ask the company and pay depending on the contract.
*Cancellation fees for activities etc. are on the reservation page.


Can I check-in early? Can I check-out late?
You can only use the room after 3 PM, but the facilities in resort are available before that. You can also store your luggage before your room is available.
If you want to access Minamina Beach before check-in, please visit the front desk of the hotel you are staying in.

If you would like to check-out late, please talk to the front desk of the hotel you are staying in. (Depending on the rooming situation, it maybe not be possible to fulfill your request. We appreciate your understanding in advance.)



Is there a place to smoke inside the hotel?
All rooms are non-smoking. Please use the smoking area on the lobby floor in each hotel for cigarettes, plooms, and electronic cigarettes.


Is it possible to use a baby bed?
For children under 1 year old, we can prepare a baby bed for no charge.
The size of the bed is 110 cm × 58 cm.

Please contact the reservation center (0167-58-1122, reception hours 10:00 ~ 18:00) with your reservation number after reservation.
* There are a limited number of beds available. We appreciate your understanding in advance.
* From safety reasons, you can only use a baby bed for children under 1 year old, or for children who can not stand up yet.



Are there restaurants that accept reservations?
Some restaurants accept dinner reservations through the web.
For more information, please look at the restaurant page for details.
Restaurant & Cafe



Is there a shuttle from Tomamu station?
We have a shuttle to pick you up at the Tomamu station. If you do not see a bus in front of the station, please contact us (TEL 0167-58-1111).
It takes approximately 5 minutes to arrive at Tomamu The Tower, and 10 minutes to arrive at Risonare Tomamu.


Please tell me the MAPCODE.
The MAPCODE is 608 511 304 * 40


Is there a charge for parking? Do I need a reservation?
Parking is free and reservation is unnecessary.
The parking lot varies depending on the facilities you use.
Please follow the signs towards the entrance of RISONARE Tomamu. We will guide you to the parking lot.

Tomamu The Tower
Please follow the signs to the "T1" or "T2" parking lots. Guests with a lot of luggage can arrive by car to the entrance of Tomamu The Tower.

Unkai Terrace (during the business hours only)
Please follow the signs to the "U1" parking lot.

Ski resort (winter season only)
Please follow the signs to the "U1" parking lot.
* You can go to ski resort from each hotel.



Is there a special menu for anniversaries?
A.We have cake, flowers, and sparkling wine available.
Please contact us by email (yoyaku@slowtomamu.co.jp).


Can I send my luggage in advance? Is it also possible to send the luggage from Tomamu?
We accept luggage sent in advance.
Due to various factors, your luggage delivery may be delayed. Please send it early to ensure its arrival before your reservation date.
You can pick up your delivered luggage at the cloakroom.
Naka-Tomamu Shimukappu Yufutsu Hokkaido JAPAN 079-2204
Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU + [RISONARE Tomamu] or [The Tower] * Required
Phone number 0167-58-1111

* Important
Be sure to include a representative's name (including Japanese furigana) and your check-in date on the invoice.
Please bring a copy of your invoice to ensure quicker processing of your luggage. After checkout, you luggage can be sent from the hotel. (Yamato Transport, COD only, only in Japan)


Can I use a drone?
For safety reasons, drones can not be used throughout Hoshino Resort TOMAMU.
* Except when permitted in advance for interview etc.


Is it possible to photographing or video-shooting wearing a wedding dress or tuxedo at TOMAMU?
We apologize, only the couple who made reservation at the Chapel on the Water or Ice Chapel is allowed.

Is it possible to visit the Chapel on the Water and its surroundings?
Depending on the period, we have set the time for public-visits.
※ Customers considering wedding ceremonies, please contact Chapel on the Water (050-5845-5418 within 10: 00 ~ 20: 00).