24/25 Winter Season Snow Academy (lesson) is now available for online reservation .


Reservations for the 2024/25 winter season from here .


Thank you for visiting us during the winter season 2023-24! 2024-25 winter page is currently under construction. Follow us on Facebook or Instragram for current infomation.

A fantastic ice town that appears
only on winter nights

Ice Village

Ice Village lined with 11 ice domes, is typical contents in TOMAMU. Should have the most dreamy and magical winter wonderland experience which appears only during winter like min. temperature -30℃.

Opening Period:2024/12/10~2025/3/14
Enjoy the spectacular view of snowy mountains from an altitude of 1088m

Terrace of Frost Tree

Moisture in the air adheres to the trees, creating shimmering hoarfrost. You can enjoy the sparkle of hoarfrost and the spectacular view of snowy mountains.

Opening Period:2024/12/1~2025/3/31
Fun for everyone from
beginners to advanced skiers

Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU
Ski Area

A ski resort that straddles two mountains and allows you to fully enjoy Hokkaido's powder snow. Everyone from beginners to advanced skiers can enjoy the uncompacted snow area and park, a variety of lessons, and courses where children can have fun and improve their skills.

Opening Period:2024/12/1~2025/4/1
Number of ski courses: 29・Maximum skiing distance: 4200m・Directly connected to hotels・More than 20 restaurants
More than 20 restaurants
a wide variety of cuisine

We are offering a wide variety food experience from the main dining with full-course menus to the casual restaurant with local Hokkaido taste, bars, and cafes. You may choose it up to your feeling on the spots!

A variety of outdoors activities, Indulge yourself to the full in the great nature.

There are many outdoor activites to choose and enjoy the nature wonder resort in a vast field! It is surely family friendly resort where you can also enjoy non-ski activities like a snowmobiling, snow horseback riding, and more.

Mina-Mina Beach

With the indoor temperature being kept over 30°C, summer never ends at Mina-Mina Beach. An indoor beach equipped with Japan's largest wave pool, measuring 30m x 80m.


RISONARE Tomamu stands in the premival forest on the higher ground on the hill. All rooms are spacious luxuary suites of more than 100 m2 with an observation jet-bath and a sauna. Have an extraordinary relaxing time.

Opening Period:2024/12/1~2025/4/1
Tomamu the Tower

Tomamu's landmark The Tower is conveniently located in the heart of the resort, close to the ”hotalu street” restaurants and the GAO Outdoor Center. Enjoy an active resort stay.

Opening Period:2024/12/1~2025/4/1