Mina-Mina Beach

Mina-Mina Beach

With the indoors temperature being consistently 30°C or higher, summer never ends at Mina Mina Beach, even in the middle of freezing winter. The biggest indoor beach in Japan, complete with a 30mx80m wave pool.

As part of our countermeasures against infection by the new coronavirus (COVID-19), we ask for the following cooperation in consideration of the health and safety of our customers and public health.

・ At the time of admission, we ask all customers to cooperate in temperature measurement and alcohol disinfection.
・ If you have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher, we will refuse admission according to the instructions of the health center.
・ When you wait for the reception, please line up at intervals with the installed pole as a guide.
・ In the locker room and dressing room, the locker spacing is restricted in advance to reduce congestion.
* Please note that you may have to wait depending on the congestion situation.

Dates of operation
Dec 1, 2022 -April 2, 2023
Opening Hours
11: 00-20: 00 (last reception 19:00)
* Business hours are subject to change.
* For guests who would like to use Mina-Mina Beach before checking in, please let us know at the front desk of your accomodating hotel.
* Closed at 17:00 on April 2th (last reception 16:00)
Admission fee
In House Guests
Adult ¥2,600, Child ¥1,100
  • *Admission fee includes Kirin-no Yu open-air bath.
  • *Children age 6 and under are free of charge.
  • *Tattoos (including temporary ones) are subject to be covered all times at Mina-Mina Beach and Kirin-no Yu.
  • *Children under age 15 must be attended by guardians (over 18) at all times.
  • *Towels will be provided for free at the reception.
  • *Re-entry is accepted with the ticket issued on the same day.
  • Example) If you have a one-day ticket, you can re-enter during the day, and if you have a stay ticket, you can re-enter during business hours from the check-in date to the check-out date.
  • Mina-Mina Beach Regulations

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