The Winter Season closed on April 1st, 2024.

With easy access from New Chitose Airport and Sapporo by driving.
Or taking JR train to Tomamu Station, and 5 minutes to reach our hotel by shuttle bus.
Located at the center of Hokkaido, Hoshino Resorts Tomamu has the perfect location for the travel.

Naka-Tomamu Shimukappu Yufutsu Hokkaido JAPAN
TEL: 0167-58-1111
MAPCODE: 608 511 304*40

By JR Train

There are two express trains to arrive at Tomamu Station.
The train stops Sapporo, Minami-Chitose, Tomamu, Obihiro, Kushiro station, etc.

Limited Express Super TOKACHI Sapporo ⇔ Minami-Chitose ⇔ Shimukappu ⇔ Tomamu ⇔ Obihiro
Limited Express Super OZORA Sapporo ⇔ Minami-Chitose ⇔ Shimukappu ⇔ Tomamu ⇔ Obihiro ⇔ Kushiro

The trains that stop at Tomamu Station from March 16, 2024 will be "all reserved seats." Please note that there are no non-reserved seats. Details of time and fare are here.

※This is a link to the JR Hokkaido website. Please check the latest times and fares on the JR Hokkaido website.

About the purchase of tickets

There is no ticket office at Tomamu Station. Please issue a "boarding station certificate" with a QR code before boarding and pay at the station you get off.

If you want to get off at "Shin-Chitose Airport," "Minami 1000" or "Sapporo Station," please see here.

For getting off at other stations, please refer to this section.

When you arrived at Tomamu Station

Every express train stops at Tomamu Station, a shuttle bus will be there and diver you to the hotel.
The bus is free of charge and no reservation is required.
Once you got off from the train, please tell the staff which hotel you are checking in, The Tower or RISONARE.

From Sapporo

There is a Directly train from Sapporo to Tomamu Station.

From New Chitose Airport

You need to transfer at Minami-Chitose Station first.
New Chitose Airport ⇒ Minami-Chitose ⇒ Tomamu

From Obihiro Airport

You need to take a shuttle bus to Obihiro Station and take a railway train to Tomamu Station.

From Furano/Asahikawa

There is NO direct train. You need to go back to Sapporo and change trains.
* It takes about 4 to 5 hours by train, so we recommend driving.

By Car

Only 5 minutes from Tomamu Interchange(IC).

From Sapporo

Get on the Sasson Expressway at Sapporo-kita IC, 120 minutes to Tomamu IC.

From New Chitose Airport

Get on the Doto Expressway at Chitose-higashi IC, 90 minutes to Tomamu IC.

From Asahikawa/Asahikawa Airport

There is no expressway connected from Asahikawa.
140 minutes by taking National Route 237 ⇒ National Route 38 ⇒ Road 1117
* Please take National Route 38 ⇒ Road 1117 instead of Road 1030.

From Furano

There is no expressway connected from Furano.
60 minutes by taking National Route 237 ⇒ National Route 38 ⇒ Road 1117
* Please take National Route 38 ⇒ Road 1117 instead of Road 1030.

From Obihiro Airport

Get on the Obihiro-Hiroo Expressway at Kofuku IC, 80 minutes to Tomamu IC.
  • *Please note that there is no gas station in Tomamu.
    The nearest gas station is in Minami Furano, where is 30 minutes, 30 km away from Tomamu.

By Bus

A bus company named Hokkaido Access Network operates the bus from airports to Tomamu.

From Asahikawa Airport

3:20 pm Asahikawa Airport ⇒ 5:30 pm Hoshino Resorts Tomamu
Adult ¥4,600 / Child (Aged 3~11) ¥3,600

From Asahikawa (OMO7 Asahikawa)

2:10 pm OMO7 Asahikawa ⇒ 5:30 pm Hoshino Resorts Tomamu
Adult ¥4,600 / Child (Aged 3~11) ¥3,600
  • * Please be advised that the timetable may change, so make sure to check bus company official website before booking.
  • * For further information, please check the website as follows.
  • * Hokkaido Access Network Official website.

Private Transfers


SkyExpress provides safe and hassle-free door-to-door charted transfer services for international and domestic tourists in Hokkaido, Japan.
Guests enjoy its timely and polite service as well as its modern fleet of vehicles which is renewed each year.
SkyExpress meets all international and domestic flights and offers a meet and greet service at the airport. SkyExpress also picks up guests directly from their accommodation to get to the airport in a safe and timely fashion.
As tourism in Hokkaido continues to grow demand for transfer services does too and SkyExpress continues to expand its fleet to service a wide range of guests.
Get to Tomamu in comfort and on time with SkyExpress.