[Spa & Treatment]Kirin-no Yu Mina-Mina Beach内

Kirin-no YuMina-Mina Beach

An open air bath facing the rich forests of Tomamu. In the daytime, you can see wide green field. In the night time, beautiful star filled sky is what would delighten your eyes at this refreshing bath.

Open Period
DEC 1, 2022 to APR 2, 2023
Open hours
12:00-23:00(Must enter by 22:00)
Entrance Fee
In House Guests Free of Charge
* In-house guests staying at RISONARE Tomamu and Tomamu The Tower are free of charge with issued Free Passport.

Visitors Adult ¥900, Child ¥600
  • *There is no charge for children preschool age or younger.
  • *Please cover any and all tatoos when enteng the pool or bath.
  • Kirin-no Yu
  • サウナ
  • 洗い場

Wide washing area, sauna and a relaxation space is also equipped at the Kirin-no Yu.

  • *No need to bring towels or shampoos, we have them all here.
  • *Body shampoo, Shampoo, Conditioner equipped.
  • *No indoor bath at Kirin-no Yu.

Hot Spring Manners:How to bathe in a hot spring

*Kirin-no Yu is not a hot spring.