Terrace of Frost Tree

The ice and nature are interwoven to open up a mysterious scenery.

From the "Terrace of Frost Tree" that can be accessed thru a single ride on the Unkai Gondola from the mid-mountain area, you can see the pure white trees covered in snow glistering, and also the magnificent Hidaka Mountains. Everybody can enjoy the amazing winter Tomamu scenery at ease.
A period exclusive light up event at night will be held.

Open Period
DEC 1, 2017 to APR 3, 2018
Open hours
[ Day Time ] 8:00 - 15:00
[ Night Time ] 16:00 - 18:30 (Dec 1 - 25 only)
Adult ¥2,200, Child(age 7-12) ¥1,300
* Gondola round trip fee (Guests with lift coupon may ride for free)

* Both are the time for the last gondola going up (time for getting off the last ride is 30 min after for both)
* During business hours, there may be situations where frost tree does not occur or the business hours are cancelled due to weather conditions.

What is Frost Tree?

When the surrounding is below freezing point, the water vapor or fog in the air attach onto the plants. This kind of frosting is most commonly known as "Frost Tree".

Easy access to the mid-mountain by Unkai Gondola

A 13-min ride from the mid-mountain resort center on the Unkai Gondola.
Please enjoy the magnificent scenery from the Terrace of Frost Tree ("Unkai Terrace" in summer) 1088m above sea level.

Tenbou Cafe

Please enjoy our original menu while viewing the magnificent scenery.

  • 霧氷フォンダンショコラ
    • Chocolate in tge of frost and snow on the trees are arranged around the warm chocolate fondant.
    • Price: ¥600 * Available only during day time
  • Frost Tree Coffee
    • A hot coffee decorated with crafted pure white candy in the image of frost tree.
    • Price: ¥500 * Available only during day time
      * Limited in number

Snow Mountain Walking Trail

Please enjoy the 200m Snow Mountain Walking Trail between the Terrace of Frost Tree and "Cloud Walk".

Only until December 25 Light up event at Terrace of Frost Tree

Only until December 25 Light up event at Terrace of Frost Tree

A light up event at the Terrace of Frost Tree will be held.
After the business hours of the ski field, at the Terrace of Frost Tree surrounded by silence, please enjoy the night scenery with illuminated frost tree, and sometimes even diamond dust can be seen.

  • Period: December 1 - 25

An exclusive enjoyment at night - "Frost Tree Hot Rum"

"Frost Tree Hot Rum" is offered exclusively during night hours at "Tenbou Cafe".

  • Even in the winter mountain that goes below freezing point, you may still get warmed up while enjoying the magnificent view. Hot rum added with honey and lemon juice, making it a more mild and easy to drink arrangement. For guests who prefer more sweetness, please feel free to use the sugar made in the image of snow crystal.
  • Price: ¥800
    Available only during night time