Experts Only Powder Area

Experts Only Powder Area

The Winter Season closed on April 1st, 2024.

A limited area where you can enjoy skiing outside the courses according to Tomamu's rules. A separate application beforehand or on the day is necessary for skiing the off-piste areas.

*After registering the yukiyama app, it is compulsory to wear a helmet when agreeing to the philosophy statement and skiing

How to participate

After downloading the yukiyama application, please come to the cart reception in the resort center. The yukiyama app allows patrolmen to arrive early, for example if they are injured by a GPS function, or to connect with their buddies. You'll know where you are when you get separated.

*This application does not have multilingual function. From next season, you can register and use it on our website We are planning to provide multilingual information.

Download the yukiyama app and enter customer information

Activate GPS and check in on Tomamu Snow Park & Resort

Click on the lower left group

Select an advanced release area and be sure to read the agreement Yes, it is displayed at the cart reception area in the resort center. Start using after entering password

To exit, select check out.

Search and Rescue Expense