Melon Champagne Terrace|Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU
Spending an Elegant Evening with Seasonal Melons and Champagne in Hokkaido's Summer Nights
"Melon Champagne Terrace" Event
June 1, 2024 – August 31, 2024

Enjoy an elegant evening in Hokkaido's summer night with seasonal melons and champagne at the "Melon Champagne Terrace". This outdoor event lets you savor the harmony of summer melons and champagne while surrounded by nature. You can enjoy the pairing of green and red-fleshed melons with ten types of champagne, and all restaurants within hotalu street will offer various melon-themed menus. Additionally, shaved ice made with "Farm Hoshino" dairy products will be available, tailored to the characteristics of both green and red-fleshed melons. Spend a luxurious moment in a beautifully lit outdoor space with seasonal flavors.

Savor Seasonal Melons and Champagne in Your Preferred Pairing

We offer ten types of champagne to pair with the refreshing sweetness of green-fleshed melons and the rich sweetness and aroma of red-fleshed melons. The champagnes range from fragrant to smooth varieties, carefully selected to complement the melons. Find and enjoy your favorite pairing from twenty different combinations.

Enjoy Melon-themed Menus at All Restaurants in hotalu street

All restaurants within hotalu street will provide menus featuring melons, such as melon cream soda, frozen melon lassi, and prosciutto melon. Fully indulge in various dishes made with seasonal melons during Hokkaido's summer nights.

Highly Recommended! Luxurious Melon Shaved Ice - Green and Red-fleshed Melon Shaved Ice

Using whole Hokkaido melons, we offer shaved ice that matches the characteristics of both green and red-fleshed melons, using "Farm Hoshino" yogurt and condensed milk. The green-fleshed melon shaved ice, known for its refreshing flavor, is combined with rosemary jelly and Farm Hoshino yogurt, resulting in a light and refreshing taste. The red-fleshed melon shaved ice, known for its rich flavor, is paired with condensed milk ice made from Tomamu milk and tea jelly for a more intense taste. We also offer ten types of champagne to match the sweetness and refreshing taste of the melons, adding fruity aromas and rich flavors.

Enjoy the Summer Night in a Lit Outdoor Space

"hotalu street" is located halfway up the mountain, featuring nine shops connected by a 160-meter-long wooden deck. In the street, there is an open terrace with a bonfire where you can enjoy the cool breeze of summer nights and the fresh air surrounded by trees. hotalu street is lit up with decorations inspired by fireflies. Additionally, from July 20 to August 31, fireworks will light up the sky every night. Enjoy an elegant moment with seasonal flavors in the beautifully lit space during the cool summer nights.

Event Overview of "Melon Champagne Terrace"
Dates June 1, 2024 – August 31, 2024
Fee Admission Free
Special Shaved Ice: Luxurious melon shaved ice (green and red-fleshed melon shaved ice) - 5,000 yen each (*limited quantities)
Champagne: From 1,800 yen per glass
Melon (1/8 cut): 700 yen
Melon-themed menus at Hotaru Street restaurants: From 1,200 yen (including tax)
Time 16:00~21:00
Eligibility For both staying and day visitors.
Location Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU hotalu street
Notes Event details may change depending on supply conditions.