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Exclusive benefits for guests!
7 reasons to stay at The RISONARE Tomamu
April 26th to November 1st, 2024

Nestled on a hilltop surrounded by coniferous forests on an expansive site, this hotel features all-suite rooms. You can relax in spacious rooms, experience a variety of activities within the area, and spend special memorable moments. Here are 7 points that you can only experience by staying at RISONARE Tomamu.

With views of the mountains
Spacious all-suite rooms

At RISONARE Tomamu, with its luxurious design of only four rooms per floor, you can enjoy views of Hokkaido's characteristic mountains from the large windows of the rooms.
The room size is over 100 square meters, so it's perfect for both adults looking for a leisurely getaway and families wanting an active vacation.

Fully equipped in all rooms
Panoramic jet baths and private saunas

When you stay at RISONARE Tomamu, you can enjoy the 'Panoramic Jet Bath' where you can bathe while enjoying the view from your room, and the 'Private Sauna' available 24 hours a day for refreshing anytime.
After relaxing in the private sauna, you can also soak in the cold bath.

You can forget about your daily life and enjoy the true pleasure of a resort stay, relaxing without any hesitation."

Including the Main Dining!
Within 4 Restaurants

Within the RISONARE Tomamu building, there are four restaurants, including the main dining "OTTO SETTE TOMAMU."
One of the unique aspects of staying at RISONARE Tomamu is the ability to choose a restaurant within the same building according to your mood for the day! You can also enjoy a buffet-style meal at the family-favorite Forest Restaurant "Nininupri," which is about a 3-minute walk away.

Restaurants near RISONARE Tomamu:
Limited Time Offer
UNKAI Terrace First Access Bus

During the operating period of the 'Unkai Terrace,' where you can closely observe the dynamic sea of clouds, we offer an exclusive First Bus for RISONARE Tomamu guests.
This is a bus that takes RISONARE Tomamu guests to the Unkai Gondola boarding area without the need for a reservation. Guests staying at RISONARE Tomamu can ride the Unkai Terrace First Bus and receive priority boarding for the Unkai Gondola.

  • 1. Confirm the bus departure time at check-in.
  • 2. Show-up in the lobby a little before the bus departure time the next morning.
  • 3. Board the bus and head to the Resort Center, the boarding location for the UNKAI Gondola.
  • *The operating period for the UNKAI Terrace is from May 9, 2024, to October 15, 2024.
  • *If the Unkai Terrace is closed due to bad weather, the bus will not operate.
Available 24 Hours!
Spectacular Coworking space and Books & Cafe

There are facilities available for use at any time, 24 hours a day.
When teleworking in the Spectacular Coworking space on the upper floors, you can refresh yourself by enjoying the view of the mountains during breaks. Additionally, at the Books & Cafe, which offers a wide selection of books about Hokkaido and travel, you can relax with a cup of coffee at any time during your stay.

Resort facilities to Enrich Your Stay

If you arrive at the resort a little earlier than the check-in time, we recommend spending time at the Family Lounge or Makan's Garden.
Don't forget to stop by the RISONARE Shop, which offers a wide variety of original resort products and Hokkaido souvenirs, to bring back memories and gifts!

To visit hotalu street, Just walking distance!

You can easily access 'hotalu street,' lined with restaurants and shops, via a walking path from RISONARE Tomamu.
With 8 dining options including hamburgers, soup curry, and ramen, you can enjoy a variety of meals without getting bored, even if you stay for multiple nights.

Day 1
Check-in at RISONARE Tomamu
Stop by Books & Cafe for a coffee
Dinner at the main dining "OTTO SETTE TOMAMU"
Day 2
Ride the Unkai Terrace First Access Bus
Enjoy the spectacular view at Unkai Terrace
Breakfast at Buffet Dining hal
Enjoy the wave pool at Mina-Mina Beach
Lunch at hotalu street
Nap in a hammock with sheeps
Refresh in the private sauna
Dinner at Forest Restaurant "Nininupri"
Relax in the scenic jet bath
Day 3
Breakfast at Forest Restaurant "Nininupri"
Horseback riding experience (additional fee)
Check out and buy souvenirs before departure