RISONARE Stay Package

Stress-free! Enjoy Resort to the FullestRISONARE Stay Package

Stay Period: May 9th, 2024 - October 14th, 2024 We are pleased to announce the sale of the "RISONARE Stay Package" where you can fully enjoy your resort stay stress-free. The package includes priority access to the UNKAI Gondola and breakfast restaurant, as well as activities without any hassle or waiting time, you can experience a special journey.

3 Points of RISONARE Stay Package

Enjoy stress-free access to the UNKAI Gondola and breakfast restaurants

With priority access to attractions like the UNKAITerrace, You can spend your resort stay stress-free.

Benefit 1: Priority Access to UNKAI Gondola

At an altitude of 1,088 meters, you can enjoy the stunning views of the sea of clouds and mountains from the UNKAI Terrace. You can experience this breathtaking scenery only when the weather conditions are fine. Guests who book this package can enjoy priority access when boarding the UNKAI Gondola. (On the way up only) Without waiting, you can board the Gondola and enjoy a pleasant 13-minute aerial stroll.

Benefit 2 : Priority Access to Breakfast Restaurants

With this package, you can enjoy priority seating to buffet restaurants for breakfast. At the forest restaurant "Nininupuri," you can enjoy seafood such as salmon roe and scallops served as much as you like in a bowl called "Kaiho Don," French toast, and at the buffet dining hall, we recommend "Salmon and Salmon Roe Donburi," which features salmon soaked in sweet sauce with salmon roe on top.

Enhance Your Stay with Activity PASS and Exclusive Sets!

Experience even more enriching stays with the Activity PASS that allows you to enjoy all 7 activities and exclusive wine and amuse sets by TOMAMU Wine House for your room.

Bonus 3: Activity PASS

The Activity PASS ensures an even more fulfilling stay. We offer seven activities to enjoy in the activity area and at Minamina Beach, allowing you to experience each activity once during your stay.

Bonus 4: Exclusive wine and amuse set by TOMAMU Wine House in Your Room

We have prepared a special wine and amuse set exclusively, featuring natural wines from Hokkaido and cheeses from the Farm Hoshino, perfect for enjoying during your leisure time in the spacious 100-square-meter room.

Bonus 5: Free Pass for the UNKAI Terrace and Mina-Mina Beach

This package includes free passes to the Unkai Terrace, where you can enjoy breathtaking views, and to Minamina Beach, home to the largest indoor wave pool in Japan. Enjoy unrestricted fun regardless of the weather.

Selected souvenirs with the Essence of TOMAMU

Included are original sweets and tote bags selected from RISONARE Tomamu's collection of souvenirs, perfect for use during your stay and reflecting the essence of TOMAMU.

Model Schedule

Day 1
Dinner at various restaurants within the area
Enjoy a wine and amuse set in room
Day 2
UNKAI Terrace
Play at Mina-Mina Beach
Cart drive with Activity PASS
Dinner at various restaurants within the area
Relax at in-room jet Bath
Day 3
Strider with Activity PASS

"RISONARE Stay Package" Overview

From May 9th, 2024, until check-in on October 14th, 2024.
Starting from ¥65,000 per adult for a 2-night stay for 4 guests sharing a room, including taxes and service charges.
Accommodation,Breakfast vouchers,Dinner vouchers,Priority access to the UNKAI Gondola (one-way only),Priority seating at breakfast buffet restaurants,UNKAI Terrace and Mina-Mina Beach free pass,Activity PASS,Wine and amuse set by TOMAMU Wine House,Selected souvenirs
Priority seating at restaurants is subject to availability.
Reservations are required by 12:00 AM seven days before the check-in date.