For those who come by car

Notes Regarding Gasoline Refueling

Before entering the Doto Expressway, it is recommended that you refuel in the vicinities of Obihiro, Furano, or Yubari.
Service and Parking Areas with Gas Stations

As of March 2018, there are no 24-hour gas stations in the Tomamu area. There is only one gas station on the Doto Expressway. We recommend that visitors coming by car have enough fuel to refuel before entering the Doto Expressway or refuel near Obihiro, Furano, or Yubari.

For those coming from Asahikawa or Furano

If you are coming from Asahikawa or Furano,
your navigation system may provide incorrect information.

If you are coming to TOMAMU from Asahikawa or Furano, the navigation system will guide you through "Ikutora Pass," a long, narrow gravel road with no cell phone coverage and no street lights.

If you veer off the road, you will not be able to get help until someone passes by, so please do not trust the navigation system (except for some models).

Ikitora Pass Image 1 The Foxes of Ikitora

Access from the Asahikawa/Furano areas

Access from the Asahikawa/Furano areas

From Kamifurano, Nakafurano, or Furano City, take National Route 38 - Minamifurano Town Ochiai and follow the road for about 1 hour.

*Car navigation systems will select the shortest route via Ikitora Pass, however, due to unpaved roads and lack of cell phone service, please turn left at the Minami Furano Ikitora intersection, follow the national road towards Obihiro, and then turn right at the Minami Furano Ochiai area Road 1117 intersection (the blue road sign for Tomamu and for Tomamu IC on the Doto Expressway).