RISONARE Tomamu Facilities


The information for the 2024 Green season will be released on March 1st 2024.


Books on Hokkaido and coffee (self-service/free of charge) are available. (1st floor)

※Free Wi-Fi

Makan Garden

A courtyard with a wooden deck stretches out in front of the lobby of RISONARE Tomamu.



Various products such as original souvenirs of RISONARE Tomamu, Hokkaido wines and liquors are available. (1st floor)

Ski / Snowboard Rental

Ski / Snowboard Rental (winter only)

Rental Corner for the exclusive use of guests staying at the hotel. (1st floor)

Family Lounge

Family Lounge

This is a lounge where not only children but also adults can relax together. (1st floor)