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6 TOMAMU Services for Families

Hotels to Suit Your Needs


The hotel is located on a highland within a resort, surrounded by coniferous forests. All of the guest rooms are suite-style rooms.

  • *Rooms over 100 square meters in size. Private sauna and whirlpool bathtub with a view.
  • *No shoes allowed in the rooms
  • *Separate bedrooms *Rooms for 4 persons or more
  • *Books&Cafe,A Spectacular Office open 24 hours.
  • *A designated childrens' play area available on the lobby floor
TOMAMU The Tower

Located in the center of the resort where you can easily go around and enjoy outdoor activites

  • *The Family Room, Baby's Room, Kids Quadruple Room guestrooms are furnished with low beds.
  • *Baby`s Room / Kids Quadruple Room
    No shoes allowed in the rooms
  • *Kids' play area available on the lobby floor

Services for a Stress-free Stay

public space
Kids Space
Each hotel has a children's play area on the lobby floor. The space is clean, comfortable, and safe for children to relax with their shoes taken off.
Children's potty
Each of the male and female restrooms in the area has one stall equipped with a children's potty.
Nursing Room
The women's changing rooms at Tomamu The Tower and at Mina-Mina Beach are equipped with a nursing room.
Mina-Mina Beach
Family-friendly Services
  • ・A kiddie pool with a depth of 30cm
  • ・Pool Debut Set
  • ・Free diapers (diapers for swimming are available with extra charge)
  • ・The women's changing room is equipped with a nursing area
  • ・Nursing cover available for rent
  • ・Each storage room is equipped with a baby crib
  • ・Cribs for use by the poolside available for rent
  • ・Baby shampoo & wash available at the hot spring, Kirin-no Yu
  • ・Chairs for infants and babies available in the washing area of the hot spring, Kirin-no Yu
Insect repellents, sunscreen, toys, bath trial sets, snacks
Tower Shop
Sunscreen, toys, baby formula (Hohoemi Rakuraku Cube, Hohoemi Rakuraku Formula), infant formula (Step Rakuraku Cube), bibs with spill pockets, baby barley tea, snacks
Baby Food Service
Free baby food for babies of 5 months and up is provided to guests dining at the buffet restaurant.
For guests staying at the RISONARE Tomamu, one serving of baby food per night is available for you to take back to your room (one room as a unit).
Furnishings & Amenities
Diaper garbage can, childrens' potty, stepping stool, baby chair, baby hangers, air purifier with humidifier function, baby bottle sterilizing case, baby tableware set, disposable slippers, baby wipes, wet wipes, baby oil, baby body soap, children's robe, crib (0-24 months at RISONARE Tomamu, 0-12 months at Tomamu The Tower), bed guard (18 months to 5 years)

*Please make a request in advance using Contact Us form
. *Baby's Rooms and Kids Quadruple Rooms in Tomamu The Tower already come with these amenities.

Diaper garbage can

Baby toilet seat

Stepping stool

Baby chair

Baby hangers

Air purifier with humidifier function

Baby bottle sterilizing case

Baby tableware set

Disposable slippers

Baby oil and baby body soap

Children's robe
110㎝ / 130cm / 150cm


Bed guard

Restaurant Amenities
Paper bibs
Restaurants that can accommodate this service:Forest Restaurant Nininupuri, Buffet Dining hal, Mikaku Platinum
Diaper Service
Provided without charges to guests staying at our hotels. Please contact the front desk.
Please make a reservation in advance

TOMAMU Family Stay Project

"TOMAMU Family Stay Project" has just started with the purpose of creating a fun trip for all family, to fully enjoy this "Nature wonderland". Leading by our staff having kids, we utilize their actual experience to upgrade our services for families, and propose totally new accommodation plans to make families' trips even more meaningful. "Tomamu Stay Book" is created for all families can fully enjoy their precious time at this open fresh air resort, and we hope you could have great mememories that can be taken back home as priceless souvenir.