A Calendar of Delicious Food Intwined with Hokkaido's Bountiful Ingredients

The concept of our menu is the Italian phrase "Calendario Gastronomico," meaning "a calendar of delicious food." Hokkaido is surrounded by three different oceans and is also home to the Daisetsuzan Mountain Range and the Hikada Mountains, all of which have varying climates. As production and harvesting methods also change based on the region, an abundant variety of seasonal ingredients is just as diverse as the calendar itself.

Local cuisine from Piedmont and Liguria, which are located in the same type of mountainous region as Tomamu

We serve regional cuisine from Piedmont and Liguria in Italy. Piedmont, in northern Italy, is located in a mountainous region, just like Tomamu. Liguria faces the Ligurian Sea and is a place rich in seafood.

Because Tomamu is a place that shares the characteristics of both, we have decided to offer the local cuisine of these areas. We also recommend a special pairing course centered around a selection of vins nature (*) to match each dish. We offer a unique combination of carefully selected wines and creative cuisine.

*Wines made using natural methods as much as possible, and also called natural wines.


Shohei Suzuki

Born in Asahikawa City, Hokkaido in 1993, Suzuki started his career as a chef in 2014. He started his training at a hotel in Asahikawa City, and from 2021, he started training under the former head chef, Manabu Takeda. In April 2023, he was appointed as head chef at OTTO SETTE TOMAMU. In order to express the restaurant's theme, "Calendario Gastronomico" (Gastronomic Calendar), he visits producers in Hokkaido to discover the best ingredients.


Dates December 1, 2023 -March 31, 2024
Open from 5:30 pm
Booking starts from November 1, 2023
Contents Dinner Course: 15,730 yen
Drink Menu
*Only one course is available
*We do not accept requests to change or take out ingredients from the dishes.
*For those with allergies, please clickhere
Place RISONARE South 31F
Reservation Reservation Required
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*Please pay on the day of your visit.
Childcare Services Meals included within our childcare services are available for children ages 2 to 6, and the venue is located at RISONARE Tomamu South 30F. Please read the Terms & Conditions below before using this service.
Childcare Services
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Cancellation the day before will be charged at 50%
Cancellation from on the day will be charged at 100%.

Online reservations can be made until 5:30 pm the day before the requested reservation.
Please contact the reception desk if you'd like to make a reservation after online reservations are closed.

  • *Children ages 7 years and up are only allowed entry if they choose the same course as the accompanying adult.
  • *The dress code is smart casual. Please refrain from wearing t-shirts, short pants, sportswear, casual sandals, caps, and other light clothing.


  • 新年のご挨拶
  • 秋刀魚
  • 一体感
  • 秋の訪れ