The Winter Season closed on April 1st, 2024.

With more than 20 elements, being one of the largest slopestyles in Hokkaido, the park is well-equipped with lanes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced skiers. In March, the park will undergo a major renovation, expanding the number of elements to more than 30, and adding one of the largest kickers in the prefecture, along with a string of five consecutive kickers.

Slopestyle, located near TOMAMU Express at the foot of the mountain (Jib Zone)
Requirements for Park Use
Helmets are recommended, and a speed check must be conducted when entering the kicker.
Provided items may vary based on snow conditions. Please confirm with the Tomamu Concierge on the day of your visit.


For those aiming to become top riders, we can arrange more creative, higher-quality elements for you.


Elements are installed for you to step up to the advanced level, and the best-sized kicker is available for use during practice.


The beginner’s area has been reinforced! As we aim to create a snow park for every member of a family including child to enjoy, risk-free elements are installed.

Jib Zone

Simple jib elements can be used without getting into the Slopestyle area. It's perfect for first-timers to visit our park!

Secret Jump Ramps

These ski jump ramps are located on courses other than Slopestyle. They are small jump sites designed to be safe enough for first-timers and families to take on the challenge.